Books offered in the Humor category.

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Advanced Law Firm Mismanagement: From the Offices of Fairweather, Winters & Summers, by Kanter, Arnold B. ($5.00)

An Idiot for All Seasons, by Feherty, Davidhrenbach, T. R. ($6.00)

Bed Riddance: A Posy For the Indisposed, by Nash, Ogden ($15.00)

Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night, by Grizzard, Lewis ($10.00)

Fore! The Best of Wodehouse on Golf, by Wodehouse, P.G. ($5.00)

The Natural History of the Minocki of the Lakeland Region of Wisconsin, by Schneider, Professor Richard C. ($20.00)

The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose: From William Caxton to P.G. Wodehouse, by Muir, Frank (editor) ($8.00)

Wobegon Boy, by Keillor, Garrison ($6.00)

You Just Have To Laugh: : Using humor to make tough times better (Inscribed), by Naster, David ($12.00)