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-- Postcard 1918 Nativity Scene ($5.00)
-- System 1800 - Model B, Operation Manual, Version 2.0 ($20.00)
[Chaney, Ida Sherratt] -- Fugitive Leaves from Foreign Notes: Paris, Versailles, St. Denis, Fontainebleu ($125.00)
a Catholic priest -- Mai-Andacht, das ist: Die Verehrung der allerseligsten Himmels-Königin und jungfräulichen Mutter Maria im Maimonate, für Kirche und Haus eingerichtet herausgegeben von einem katholischen Priester mit Erlaubniß geistlicher Obrigkeit ($8.00)
Abernethy, Thomas Perkins -- Western Lands and the American Revolution ($60.00)
Ackerman, James S. and Rhys Carpenter -- Art and Archaeology ($8.00)
Adair, Robert K. -- The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation ($18.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1947, Vol 60 Part 1 ($25.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1948, Vol 61 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1949, Vol 62 Part 1 ($25.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1950, Vol 63 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1951, Vol 64 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1952, Vol 65 Part 1 ($20.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1953, Vol 66 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1954, Vol 67 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1955, Vol 68 Part 1 ($15.00)
Adams, Paul -- The New Self-Hypnosis ($10.00)
Ahrendt, W.R. and C.J. Savant, Jr. Ph.D. -- Servomechanism Practice (McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series) ($15.00)
Alcock, John -- Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach ($25.00)
Alcott, Louisa May -- Little Women ($10.00)
American Camping Association -- Sing! ($10.00)
American Miniature Schnauzer Club -- Illustrated Discussion of the Miniature Schnauzer Standard ($15.00)
Ammann, K., E. Seiferle and G. Pelloni -- Atlas zur chirurgisch-topographischen Anatomi des Hundes (Atlas of Topographical Surgical Anatomy of the Dog) - in 5 languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish ($120.00)
Anderson, Nancy Scott and Dwight Anderson -- The Generals: Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee ($10.00)
Anderson-Sannes, Barbara -- Alma on the Mississippi 1848 - 1932 ($20.00)
Andreas, A.T. [Editor/Publisher] -- History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from pre-historic times to the present date,... ($500.00)
Anon: A Gentleman With a Duster -- The Mirrors of Downing Street: Some Political Reflections ($12.00)
Anonymous -- Tropic of Venus ($35.00)
Archer, Jeffrey -- Honor Among Thieves ($10.00)
Arey, James A. -- The Sky Pirates ($10.00)
Armstrong, Karen -- A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam ($6.00)
Armstrong, Margaret Doar -- Tales From an Irish Wake: A Novel of Irish Immigrants in Wisconsin ($20.00)
Atkins, Ace -- Dark End of the Street - SIGNED ($15.00)
Aubrey, Edmund -- Sherlock Holmes in Dallas ($20.00)
Austin, H. Russell -- The Milwaukee Story: The Making of an American City ($10.00)
Austin, H. Russell -- The Wisconsin Story: The Building of A Vanguard State ($12.00)
Bader, Barbara -- American Picture Books from Noah's Ark to the Beast Within ($40.00)
Baehr, Carl -- Milwaukee Streets: The Stories Behind Their Names ($75.00)
Bagemihl, Bruce -- Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity ($25.00)
Ball, Rick A. et al -- Indianapolis Architecture ($20.00)
Barber, Grace Edson -- Wagner Opera Stories ($10.00)
Barclay, Harold B. -- The Role of the Horse in Man's Culture ($75.00)
Barly, Joseph A. -- Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters ($80.00)
Barly, Joseph A. -- Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters (with jacket) ($85.00)
Barnes, Linda -- Snapshot ($6.00)
Barrow, John D. -- Theories of Everything: The Quest for Ultimate Explanation ($12.00)
Barrows, Harlan H. -- Lectures on the Historical Geography of the United States, 1933 ($25.00)
Bass, Jack and Marilyn W. Thompson -- Ol' Strom: An Unauthorized Biography of Strom Thurmond ($15.00)
Beer, Thomas -- Hanna - U.S. Senator Mark Hanna of Ohio ($12.00)
Beery, Prof. Jesse -- Prof. Beery's Saddle Horse Instructions, Book 1-5 (complete set) ($25.00)
Bennett, Rev. P.S. and Rev. James Lawson -- History of Methodism in Wisconsin In Four Parts ($60.00)
benShea, Noah -- Jacob's Journey: Wisdom to Find the Way, Strength to Carry On ($5.00)
Berlitz, Charles -- Native Tongues ($5.00)
Berquist, Laura M. -- Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education ($10.00)
Beschloss, Michael -- Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes, 1964-1965 ($10.00)
Besterman, Theodore -- A World Bibliography of Bibliographies: and of bibliographical catalogues, calendars, abstracts, digests, indexes and the like - 5 vols. ($450.00)
Bieder, Robert E. -- Native American Communities in Wisconsin 1600-1960: a Study of Tradition and Change ($20.00)
Bielski, Ursula -- Chicago Haunts: Ghostlore of the Windy City ($6.00)
Binswanger, Harry (Editor) -- The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z ($35.00)
Bird, Miriam Y. -- Town of Milwaukee Families From 1850 ($45.00)
Birkhead, Tim -- A Brand-New Bird ($12.00)
Birmingham, Robert A and Lynne G. goldstein -- Aztalan: Mysteries of an Ancient Indian Town ($18.00)
Bishop, George -- The World of Clowns ($12.00)
Blake, Emmet R. -- Preserving Birds for Study: Fieldiana: Technique Number 7 ($12.00)
Blanchard, Marjorie Page -- What Cooks in Connecticut ($15.00)
Bloomberg, Michael -- Bloomberg by Bloomberg ($16.00)
Blume, Judy -- Here's to You, Rachel Robinson ($6.00)
Bodanis, David -- Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity ($12.00)
Boniface, Colonel J. J. (Retired) United States Cavalry -- Riding: A Manual of Horsemanship for Beginners ($5.00)
Boslough, John -- Masters of Time: Cosmology at the End of Innocence ($6.00)
Bradley, Melvin -- Horses A Practical and Scientific Approach ($20.00)
Brander, Michael -- The Complete Guide to Horsemanship ($8.00)
Branigan, Cynthia A. -- Adopting the Racing Greyhound ($5.00)
Brave Bird, Mary with Richard Erdoes -- Ohitika Woman ($6.00)
Breckenridge, Muriel -- Lap Quilting: How to make beautiful quilted projects -- large & small ($6.00)
Brewton, John E. and Sara W. [Compilers] -- Index to Children's Poetry: A Title, Subject, Author, and First Line Index to Poetry in Collections for Children and Youth ($5.00)
Broker, Ignatia -- Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative ($10.00)
Brooks, Frederick, Jr. -- The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering ($8.00)
Brown, Dale -- Sky Masters ($10.00)
Brown, H. S. MD -- The Bible of the Religion of Science ($65.00)
Bruce, William George -- A Short History of Milwaukee ($50.00)
Bruce, William George (Editor) -- History of Milwaukee City and County (3 Volumes) ($325.00)
Budiansky, Stephen -- The Truth About Dogs: An Inquiry into the Ancestry, Social Conventions, Mental Habits, and Moral Fiber of canis familiaris ($6.00)
Bugliosi, vincent with Bruce B. Henderson -- And the Sea Will Tell ($10.00)
Burke, Jan -- Flight ($5.00)
Burke, Maurice, SMA -- Britain's War Machine In Ireland ($6.00)
Burke, Peter -- The Art of Conversation ($18.00)
Burnham, Daniel H. and Edward H. Bennett -- Plan of Chicago: Prepared Under the Direction Of the Commercial Club During the Years MCMVI, MCMVII, and MCMVIII (facsimile reprint, Da Capo Press Series in Architecture and Decorative Art, Volume 29) ($180.00)
Burns, Marca and Margaret N. Fraser -- Genetics of the Dog: The Basis of Successful Breeding ($30.00)
Burton, Jane text by Dougal Dixon -- Time Exposure: A Photographic Record of the Dinosaur Age ($10.00)
Bush, George [H.W.] and Brent Scowcroft -- A World Transformed ($8.00)
Byers, William -- How Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics ($30.00)
Byrd, Cecil K. -- A Bibliography of Illinois Imprints 1814-58 ($35.00)
Byrne, Peter -- The Search for Big Foot: Monster, Myth or Man? ($6.00)
Cady, Ethel -- A History of Union Congregational Church: 1836-1955 [Green Bay, Wisconsin] ($25.00)
Cannon, thomas g. -- Equal Justice: A History of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee ($45.00)
Carson, Rachel -- Silent Spring ($10.00)
Carter, General William H. -- The U.S. Cavalry Horse ($12.00)
Carter, Jimmy -- An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood ($12.00)
Cartwright, Frederick F. and Michael D. Biddiss -- Disease and History ($12.00)
Casson, Herbert N., L.W. Ellis, and Rollin W. Hutchinson, Jr. -- Horse, Truck and Tractor: The Coming of Cheaper Power for City and Farm ($35.00)
Casti, John L. -- Paradigms Lost: Images of Man in the Mirror of Science ($9.00)
cConrad, Will C., Kathleen Wilson and Dale Wilson -- The Milwaukee Journal: The First Eighty Years ($8.00)
Cerf, Christopher and Victor Navasky -- The Experts Speak: The Definitive Compendium of Authoritative Misinformation ($15.00)
Charkey, Edward S. BME, BEE -- Electromechanical System Components ($8.00)
Chiazzari, Suzy -- The Complete Book of Color ($10.00)
Chittenden, Hiram Martin -- The Yellowstone National Park Historical and Descriptive ($100.00)
Chopra, Deepak M.D. -- Restful Sleep: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Insomnia ($7.00)
Churchill, Josie -- Among the Hills [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] ($30.00)
Churchill, Winston -- Richard Carvel ($15.00)
Clancy, Tom -- Red Rabbit (Large Print) ($6.00)
Clancy, Tom -- The Hunt for Red October ($8.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- I'll Be Seeing You ($5.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Let Me Call You Sweetheaert ($5.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Moonlight Becomes You ($5.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- My Gal Sunday ($10.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Remember Me ($6.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins -- The Lottery Winner ($10.00)
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Clark -- Deck the Halls ($5.00)
Clark, Miles -- Sky Diving in 8 Days ($15.00)
Clausing, Donald J. -- The Aviator's Guide to Modern Navigation ($12.00)
Clemmer, O. Richard, L. Daniel Myers, and Mary Elizabeth Rudden, Editors -- Julian Steward and the Great Basin: The Making of an Anthropologist ($20.00)
Clinton, Bill -- My Life ($10.00)
Coe, Michael D. -- Breaking the Maya Code ($6.00)
Coleman, Charles H. PhD -- Historical Essays: Eastern Illinois University Bulletin Special Number May 1962 ($6.00)
Colgan, Charles T. (Editor) and William Gallo, Jr. (Associate Editor) -- American Steeplechasing 1977 ($15.00)
Colgan, Charles T. (Editor) and William Gallo, Jr. (Associate Editor) -- American Steeplechasing 1978 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. (Executive Editor), Joe Clancy Jr. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1995 ($15.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1983 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1984 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1986 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1987 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1989 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1990 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1993 ($12.00)
Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) -- American Steeplechasing 1994 ($12.00)
Colodny, Len and Robert Gettlin -- Silent Coup: The Removal of a President ($10.00)
Commings, Karen -- The Shorthaired Cat: An Owner's Guide To a Happy Healthy Pet ($5.00)
Committee of '92 -- 1892 Map of the City of New York For Special Use of Delegates to the Eleventh International Christian Endeavor Convention ($50.00)
Conway, Andrew -- The Bullwhip Book ($25.00)
Conway, Carle -- The Joy of Soaring: A Training Manual ($6.00)
Coogan, Michael David, Editor and Translator -- Stories from Ancient Canaan ($15.00)
Cooper, Henry S.F., Jr. -- The Evening Star: Venus Observed ($10.00)
Cooper, John E. [Editor] -- Steeplechasing in America 1976 ($10.00)
Coppard, Kit -- Wolves ($12.00)
Corn, Ira G Jr. -- The Story of the Declaration of Independence INSCRIBED by author ($30.00)
Cornwell, Patricia -- Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed ($6.00)
Cornwell, Patricia -- The Last Precinct ($12.00)
Cory, Charles B. -- The Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin ($40.00)
Coveney, Peter and Roger Highfield -- The Arrow of Time: A Voyage Through Science to Solve Time's Greatest Mystery ($15.00)
Crabtree, Helen K. -- Saddle Seat Equitation ($20.00)
Croke, Vicki -- Modern Ark: The Story of Zoos: Past, Present, and Future ($12.00)
Crone, Frances May McCleery and Ethel mae Seward Wagner -- 50 Years of Lake Mills, Wisconsin 1936-1985 [SIGNED] ($30.00)
Crossette, Barbara (Editor) -- America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, Second Edition ($6.00)
Crotty, Dan -- Colt Breaking and Training [TRICK RIDING, ROPING, GAITING] ($175.00)
Crowell, Pers -- Beau Dare: American Saddle Colt ($18.00)
Cruz, Joan Carroll -- Eucharistic Miracles: and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints ($7.00)
Culver, David C., Thomas C. Kane and Daniel W. Fong -- Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves: The Efolution of Gammarus minus ($12.00)
Cummins, D. Duane and William Gee White -- The American Frontier [Revised Edition] ($6.00)
Cunliffe, Juliette -- The Chinese Shar Pei Today ($10.00)
Curley, Edwin [Ed.] -- Hobbes Leviathan with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668 ($6.00)
Custance, Henry -- Riding Recollections and Turf Stories ($25.00)
Cutler, Richard W. -- Greater Milwaukee's Growing Pains, 1950-2000: An Insider's View ($25.00)
Daglish, E. Fitch, revised by Ann MacDonald -- Dog Breeding ($6.50)
Dapper, Gertrude -- German Names For German Dogs ($30.00)
David, Rosalie -- Cult of the Sun: Myth and Magic in Ancient Egypt ($12.00)
Davidis, Henriette -- Praktisches Kochbuch für die Deutschen in Amerika ($25.00)
Davis, Philip J. -- Mathematics and Common Sense: A Case of Creative Tension ($35.00)
Davis, Philip J. and Reuben Hersh -- The Mathematical Experience ($5.00)
Davisdon, J.N., A.M. -- In Unnamed Wisconsin: Studies in the history of the region between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi 1634-1836 ($80.00)
de Romaszkan, Gregor -- Equitation in Pictures ($12.00)
Deal, Terrence E. and William A. Jenkins -- Managing the Hidden Organization ($5.00)
Deaver, Jeffery -- Speaking in Tongues ($6.00)
Deaver, Jeffery -- The Coffin Dancer ($6.00)
Deaver, Jeffery -- The Devil's Teardrop ($5.00)
Denbo, Bruce [Editor] and Mary Wharton [Associate Editor]; Clyde T. Burke [Photographer] -- The Horse World of the Bluegrass ($25.00)
Derr, Mark -- Dog's Best Friend: Annals of the Dog-Human Relationship ($9.99)
Dexter, Rev. Frank N. (D.D.) (Editor) -- A Hundred Years of Congregational History in Wisconsin ($45.00)
Diamond, Harriet and Phyllis Dutwin -- Grammar in Plain English -- Second Edition ($6.00)
Dickson, Carter -- The Cavalier's Cup: Another Adventure of Sir Henry Merrivale ($12.00)
Diehl, William -- Hooligans ($8.00)
Dilts, Robert -- Applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ($15.00)
Dimsdale, Thomas Josiah -- The Vigilantes of Montana ($5.00)
Disston, Harry -- Know About Horses: A Ready Reference Guide to Horses, Horse People and Horse Sports ($5.00)
Doe, Tamasin -- Patrick Cox: Wit, Irony, and Footwear ($7.00)
Donovan, John J. -- Systems Programming (McGraw-Hill Computer Science Series) ($10.00)
Dooley, Beth -- Peppers Hot & Sweet: Over 100 Recipes for All Tastes ($12.00)
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan -- Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes ($10.00)
Draeger, Jim and Mark Speltz -- Fill'er Up: The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations ($25.00)
Drape, Joe -- The Race for the Triple Crown: Horses, High Stakes and Eternal Hope ($8.00)
Drucker, Peter F. -- Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles ($8.00)
Dudley, Dorothy H. and Irma Bezold Wilkinson -- Museum Registration Methods ($25.00)
Dugatkin, Lee -- Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: The nature of cooperation in animals and humans ($12.00)
Duncan, Roger [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1943, Vol 56 Part 1 ($60.00)
Duncan, Roger [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1944, Vol 57 Part 1 ($60.00)
Duncan, Roger [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1945, Vol 58 Part 1 ($40.00)
Duncan, Roger [Editor] -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1946, Vol 59 Part 1 ($40.00)
Duneier, Mitchell -- Slim's Table: Race, Respectability, and Masculinity ($8.00)
Dwyer, Augusta -- Into the Amazon: Chico Mendes and the Struggle for the Rain Forest ($12.00)
Eans, Nicholas -- The Horse Whisperer ($5.00)
Earnest, Russell and Corinne, Nicholas with Edward L. Rosenberry -- Flying Leaves and One-Sheets: Pennsylvania German Broadsides, Fraktur, and Their Printers ($60.00)
Eastaway, Rob and Jeremy Wyndham -- Why Do Buses Come In Threes?: The Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life ($8.00)
Eastlake, Charles L. -- Hints on Household Taste: The Classic Handbook of Victorian Interior Decoration ($16.00)
Ebner, James A. -- Butterflies of Wisconsin ($45.00)
Editors of Sports Illustrated -- Sports Illustratred Book of Gaited Riding ($25.00)
Editors of the Abendschule [Rev. E. Kaehler and Prof. Dr. Duemling] -- Abendschule-Kalender fu¨r das christliche Haus auf das gemeine Jahr 1883 ($15.00)
Editors of Vegetarian Times -- Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook ($10.00)
Edwards, E. Hartley -- Saddlery: Modern Equipment for Horse and Stable ($8.00)
Edwards, Elwyn Hartley (Editor) -- The Encyclopedia of the Horse ($15.00)
Eggleston, Edward -- A First Book In American History: With Special Reference to the Lives and Deeds of Great Americans ($15.00)
Ehrlich, Paul R and Ilkka Hanski [Editors] -- On the Wings of Checkersopts: A Model System for Population Biology ($25.00)
Eirich, P. -- Das Hexaemeron von die Geologie. Eine Vertheidigung des Mosaischen Schöpfungsberichts gegen die falschen geologischen Theorien. ($20.00)
Elkin, Stanley -- Mrs. Ted Bliss ($10.00)
Elkins, Aaron -- Loot ($10.00)
Erdman, Paul -- Zero Coupon ($5.00)
Erpenbach, Mary and Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz -- Wisconsin: A Tradition of Innovation ($40.00)
Essene, Virginia -- Secret Truths: A Young Adult's Guide For Creating Peace ($5.00)
Evans, J. Warren, Anthony Borton, Harold E. Hintz and L. Dale Van Vleck -- The Horse [Agricultural Science series] ($45.00)
Evans, J. Warren, Anthony Borton, Harold E. Hintz and L. Dale Van Vleck -- The Horse [Agricultural Science series] ($50.00)
Evans, Justin B. -- The Art of the Horse: Reflections of the Past, Magazine Covers and Illustrations, Picture Postcards, Advertising Illustrations ($18.00)
Evans, Sian -- All About Beds and Bedding (Allen Photographic Guides, Number 36) ($12.00)
Fabos, Julius Gy., Gordon T. Milde, and V. Michael Weinmayr -- Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.: Founder of Landscape Architecture in America ($35.00)
Farmer, Steven, M.A. M.F.C.C. -- Adult Children as Husbands Wives and Lovers ($10.00)
Farshler, Earl R. -- Riding and Training (1946 Standard Printing Co edition) ($20.00)
Farshler, Earl R. -- Riding and Training (1975 ARCO edition) ($15.00)
Feherty, Davidhrenbach, T. R. -- An Idiot for All Seasons ($6.00)
Fehrenbach, T. R. -- This Kind Of War: The Classic Korean War History ($15.00)
Field, Evan (pseudonym for Joy Gould Boyum and Marjorie Rosen) -- What Nigel Knew ($6.00)
Fielder, George -- Mineral Point: A History ($15.00)
Fillis, James -- Breaking and Riding (1946 Hurst and Blackett edition) ($50.00)
Fillis, James -- Breaking and Riding (1975 Caballus edition) ($45.00)
Finkbeiner, Ann -- The Jasons: The Secret History of Science's Postware Elite ($12.00)
Finley, David E. -- History of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 1947-1963 ($25.00)
Fisher, Len -- Weighing the Soul: Scientific Discovery from the Brilliant to the Bizarre ($12.00)
Fitzpatrick, Dr. Edward A. -- Wisconsin ($20.00)
Flanders, Angela -- Aromatics ($15.00)
Flanner, Janet (Genêt) -- Paris Journal 1944-1964 ($20.00)
Flansburg, Scott with Victoria Hay, Ph.D. -- Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How to Master Everyday Math Problems in Seconds ($6.00)
Flegel, Melinda J. -- Sport First Aid, Updated Eidtion ($9.00)
Fletcher, Connie -- What Cops Know: Cops talk about what they do, how they do it, and what it does to them ($10.00)
?Fleuriot, Zenaide? -- Erlebnisse eines Hühnchens von ihm selbst geschildert. Nach dem Französischen von Philipp Laicus. ($50.00)
Fogle, Phil -- Grassroots -- Lake Geneva: An Illustrated History of the Geneva Lake Area (The Centennial Book) ($250.00)
Follett, Ken -- Night Over Water ($6.00)
Fontaine, Joan -- No Bed of Roses ($12.00)
Forrester, George [Editor] -- Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin [History of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin] ($150.00)
Foster, Don -- Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous ($12.00)
Foster, Lillian and Wooley, Elmer -- Geschichten und Märchen für Anfänger ($12.00)
Fox, Edward -- Sacred Geography: A Tale of Murder and Archeology In the Holy Land ($5.00)
Frank, Dr. Louis F. translated by Margaret Wolff -- German-American Pioneers in Wisconsin and Michigan: The Frank-Kerler Letters, 1849-1864 ($25.00)
Fraser. Antonia -- The Warrior Queens ($8.00)
Freiberg, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg -- Nuts! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success ($12.00)
Froissard, Jean -- Equitation: Learning and Teaching ($10.00)
Funnell, Pippa with Kate Green -- Training the Young Horse: Schooling for Success ($30.00)
Galen, Philipp -- Der Irre von St. James. Aus dem Reisetagebuche eines Arztes. ($12.00)
Galloway, Bruce -- Fantasy Wargaming ($5.00)
Gallwey, W. Timothy -- The Inner Game of Tennis ($8.00)
Gann, Ernest K. -- The Aviator ($3.00)
Garcia-Aguilero, Carolina -- Bloody Secrets: A Lupe Solano Mystery ($10.00)
Gard, Robert E. and L.G. Sorden -- Wisconsin Lore: Antics and Anecdotes of Wisconsin People and Places ($9.00)
Garza-Valdes, Dr. Leoncio A. -- The DNA of God? [Shroud of Turin] ($10.00)
Gaskell, Philip -- From Writer to Reader: Studies in editorial method [Textual Bibliography] ($30.00)
Geisler, Norman L. and Ralph E. MacKenzie -- Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences ($20.00)
Geisler, Norman L. and Ron Rhodes -- When Cultists Ask: A popular handbook on cultic misinterpretations ($18.00)
Gerstman, Bradley, Christopher Pizzo, and Rich Seldes, MD -- Marry Me!: Three Professional Men Reveal How To Get Mr. Right To Pop The Question ($5.00)
Giesecke, Frederick E. et al -- Engineering Graphics, Fifth Edition ($12.00)
Gilbert, Robert E. -- The Mortal Presidency [Signed] ($25.00)
Glaab, Charles N. and Lawrence H. Larsen -- Factories in the Valley: Neenah-Manasha, 1870-1915 ($10.00)
Gleick, James -- Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman ($10.00)
Goldschmidt, Lt.-Col. Sidney G. -- An Eye For A Horse; A Guide To Buying And Judging ($20.00)
Goldschmidt, Lt.-Col. Sidney G. -- Skilled Horsemanship ($15.00)
Goodall, Jane (Baroness Jane Van Lawick-Goodall) -- My Friends The Wild Chimpanzees ($6.00)
Gorman, Edward -- Blood Game (Evans Novel fo the West series) ($6.00)
Grafton, Anthony -- The Footnote: A Curious History ($30.00)
Grafton, Sue -- L is for Lawless ($15.00)
Grandin, Temple and Catherine Johnson -- Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior ($6.00)
Granger, Bill -- The Last Good German ($6.00)
Gravell, Thomas L., George Miller and Elizabeth Walsh -- American Watermarks 1690-1835 ($50.00)
Grede, Edward A. -- The Story of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Stained Glass Windows [Wauwatosa, Wisconsin] ($25.00)
Green, Matthew -- Spells: Spellcraft to bring magic to your life and reality to your desires ($9.00)
Greenwald, Ken -- The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Based on the original radio plays by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher ($10.00)
Gregory, John G. -- History of Milwaukee Wisconsin, in 4 Volumes ($300.00)
Greising, David and Laurie Morse -- Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles: Fraud and Corruption in the Chicago Futures Markets ($12.00)
Grizzard, Lewis -- Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night ($10.00)
Gruhlke, Verna King -- Small Town Wisconsin [Wautoma] ($15.00)
Guest, Montague [Editor] -- Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals: Confidences of a collector of ceramics and antiques ($200.00)
Guinness, Alec -- My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor ($8.00)
Gunther, John -- Inside U.S.A. ($5.00)
Gurda, John -- The Making of "A Good Name In Industry": A History of the Falk Corporation, 1892-1992 ($110.00)
Guterson, David -- East of the Mountains ($6.00)
Hahn, Emily -- Eve & The Apes ($12.00)
Haight, Jim -- Photo History Milwaukee Fire Dept ($35.00)
Hall, Alan -- The Wild Food Trailguide: New and Expanded Edition ($8.00)
Hall, George E. -- A History of Oconto [Wisconsin] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] ($75.00)
Hall, Parnell -- Trial ($8.00)
Hall, William P. -- Trout Fishing Addiction: The Meanderings of an Amateur Fly Fisherman [SIGNED] ($40.00)
Halprin, Sara -- Look At My Ugly Face: Myths and musings on beauty and other perilous obsessions with women's appearance ($12.00)
Hammer, Michael and James Champy -- Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution ($8.00)
Hanigan, James P. -- What are they saying about sexual morality? ($15.00)
Hannay. A.C. -- Hints for Beginners on Riding ($30.00)
Hardison, O.B. Jr. -- Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century ($10.00)
Harken, Tom with Don Jacobs -- The Millionaire's Secret SIGNED ($8.00)
Harland, Marion -- Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery (Antique American Cookbooks series) ($15.00)
Harris, Susan E. -- The USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training ($7.00)
Harrison, Harry -- West of Eden ($15.00)
Harrop, A.E. -- Reproduction in the Dog ($20.00)
Haspiel, James -- Young Marilyn: Becoming the Legend ($20.00)
Haug, Johann -- Geschichte der Katholischen Kirche in Wisconsin ($75.00)
Haycraft, Howard and John Beecroft, Eds. -- A Treasury of Great Mysteries (2 Volumes) ($10.00)
Hayes, Captain M. Horace (F.R.C.V.S.) -- Veterinary Notes For Horse Owners ($10.00)
Hayes, Harold T. P. -- The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey ($12.00)
Hayes, M.H. (Captain) -- Riding and Hunting, New and Revised Edition ($20.00)
Hebberd, S.S.[Stephen Southric] -- History of Wisconsin Under the Dominion of France ($60.00)
Hebberd, S.S.[Stephen Southric] -- The Philosophy of History ($40.00)
Hebberd, S.S.[Stephen Southric] -- The Philosophy of the Future ($45.00)
Heller, John H. -- Of Mice, Men and Molecules ($12.00)
Henkin, Joshua -- Swimming Across the Hudson ($10.00)
Hepburn, Patti -- The Cedarburg Cookbook: Recipes and Traditions of a Celebrated American City ($12.00)
Herzberger, F. W. -- Onkel David. Eine Erzählung aus dem Leben ($15.00)
Hess, La Rena -- How to Paint with Natural Earths & Sands ($6.00)
Higgins, Richard J. -- Electronics with Digital and Analog Integrated Circuits ($5.00)
Hilden, Anna -- Großmamas Plagegeister ($80.00)
Hill, Julia Butterfly -- The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods ($8.00)
Hillier, Malcolm and Colin Hilton -- The Book of Dried Flowers: A complete guide to growing, drying and arranging ($10.00)
Hines, Thomas S. -- Burnham of Chicago: Architect and Planner ($30.00)
Hiro, Dilip -- Iraq: In the eye of the storm ($5.00)
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell -- Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Pelican History of Art series) ($50.00)
Hoan, Mayor Daniel W. -- Dollars vs. The People ($20.00)
Hock, Dee -- Birth of the Chaordic Age ($12.00)
Hoffer, Jay -- Managing Today's Radio Station ($15.00)
Hoffmann, Gregg -- Down In the Valley: The History of Milwaukee County Stadium The People, the Promise, the Passion ($25.00)
Holmes, Michael -- J.I. Case: The First 150 Years ($40.00)
Holst, Art -- Sunday Zebras ($25.00)
Holt, Hazel -- Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder ($15.00)
Holtz, Herman -- How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant ($5.00)
Hooper, Judith -- Of Moths and Men: An Evolutionary Tale ($12.00)
Horn, W. (Editor] -- Blüthenkranz von Erzählungen VII ($15.00)
Horowitz, Anthony -- Raven's Gate: Book One of the Gatekeepers ($5.00)
Horowitz, Ellis and Sartaj Sahni -- Fundamentals of Data Structures (Computer Software Engineering Series) ($12.00)
Horvitz, Leslie Alan -- Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World ($12.00)
Hosmer, Charles B., Jr. -- Presence Of the Past: A History of the Preservation Movement in the United States before Williamsburg ($20.00)
Hourdebaigt, Jean-Pierre RMT -- Equine Massage: A Practical Guide ($15.00)
Hundt, Sheila Wall -- Invitation to Riding ($6.00)
Hunnisett, Basil -- Steel-engraved book illustration in England ($60.00)
Hunter, Fred W. -- Ransom For An Angel (INSCRIBED) ($40.00)
Hutt, Frederick B. -- Genetics for Dog Breeders ($40.00)
Hwang, Kai and Faye A. Briggs -- Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing ($10.00)
Hylton, William H. [Editor] -- The Rodale Herb Book: How to Use, Grow, and Buy Nature's Miracle Plants ($10.00)
Ibanez, Vicente Blasco -- The Mayflower (Flor De Mayo): A Tale of the Valencian Seashore ($10.00)
Ingersoll, Leonard Rose, Miles Jay Martin, and Theodore Alton Rouse -- A Laboratory Manual of Experiments in Physics, Sixth Edition ($6.00)
Irons, Peter -- Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision ($15.00)
Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles G. Wavgh (Editors) -- Faeries ($8.00)
Israel, Betsy -- Bachelor Girl: The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century ($10.00)
Jackson, Robert H. and Carol Z. Roghkopf [Editors] -- Book Talk: Essays on Books, Booksellers, Collecting, and Special Collections ($45.00)
Jacobs, Betty E.M. -- Growing and Using Herbs Successfully ($6.00)
Jakubovich, Paul -- Living With History: A guide to the preservation standards for historcally designated houses in Milwaukee ($30.00)
Jance, J.A. -- Skeleton Canyon: A Joanna Brady Mystery ($10.00)
Jastrow, Robert -- Red Giants and White Dwarfs: New Edition ($5.00)
Jeffers, H. Paul -- Reader's Guide To Murder ($10.00)
Jenkins, John W. -- A Centennial History: A History of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison ($12.00)
Jenkins, Michael D. -- Starting and Operating a Business in Illinois: A Step-by-Step Guide ($5.00)
Johnson, Clive -- The Devil's Labyrinth: Encounters with the Arctic ($9.99)
Johnson, Johnson, & Roy, Inc. -- Marshall [MI]: A Plan For Preservation ($12.00)
Johnson, Osa -- I Married Adventure: The Lives and Adventures of Martin and Osa Johnson ($20.00)
Jones, Dave -- The Western Trainer ($15.00)
Jones, William E. (DVM, Ph.D.) and Ralph Bogart (Ph.D) -- Genetics of the Horse ($25.00)
Jones, William E. (Editor) -- A Descriptive Bibliography of 1001 Horse Books ($40.00)
Jones, William E. DVM, PhD (Editor) -- Care and Breeding of Horses: No. 7 in the Horse Health and Care Series ($20.00)
Joosten, Titia -- Flower Drying With A Microwave: Techniques and Projects ($5.00)
Joyce, Ed -- Prime Times Bad Times ($8.00)
Kahlert, John M. -- Pioneer Cemeteries: Door County Wisconsin ($75.00)
Kalstone, Shirlee -- The Complete Poodle Clipping and Grooming Book ($16.00)
Kalstone, Shirlee -- The Kalstone Guide to Grooming All Toy Dogs ($15.00)
Kanter, Arnold B. -- Advanced Law Firm Mismanagement: From the Offices of Fairweather, Winters & Summers ($5.00)
Katz, Donald R. -- The Big Store: Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears ($10.00)
Kays, D.J. -- The Horse: Judging -- Breeding -- Feeding -- Management -- Selling ($12.00)
Keillor, Garrison -- Wobegon Boy ($6.00)
Kelley, Tim -- Good As Gold: A History of Banking in Wisconsin ($40.00)
Kelly, Kate -- That's Not In My Science Book: A Compilation of Little-Known Facts ($10.00)
Keno, Leigh and Leslie Keno with Joan Barzilay Freund -- Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture ($12.00)
Kerr, Philip -- The Shot: A Thriller ($12.00)
Keyes, Edward -- Double Dare ($10.00)
Kilham, Benjamin and Ed Gray -- Among the Bears: Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild (SIGNED) ($25.00)
Kilian, Michael -- Northern Exposure ($9.00)
King, Edmund M. B. -- Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings 1830-1880: A Descriptive Bibliography ($120.00)
King, Stephen -- The Eyes of the Dragon ($12.00)
Kingswan, Churck (M.D.) -- The Hochunk Story; A Glimpse. Notes to America: Words Straight from the Sources's Mouth ($20.00)
Kinzie, Mrs. John J. [Juliette A.] -- Wau-Bun: The Early Day in the Northwest ($40.00)
Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. -- A Cast of Killers ($20.00)
Kirsch, John B. and Kenneth R. Greer -- Bibliography...Wapiti -- American Elk and European Red Deer ($22.00)
Kiyosaki, Robert T. with Sharon L. Lechter C.P.A. -- Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Mondy -- That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! ($12.00)
Klimke, Reiner -- Basic Training of the Young Horse ($12.00)
Knight, Franklin W. -- The African Dimension in Latin American Societies ($20.00)
Knoche, Carl Heinz -- The German Immigrant Press in Milwaukee [Doctoral Dissertation] ($50.00)
Koehler, William -- The Koehler Method of Open Obedience for Ring, Home and Field ($15.00)
Koehler, William -- The Koehler Method of Utility Dog Training ($12.00)
Kohanov, Linda -- The Tao of Equus: A Womans Journey of Healing & Transformation through the Way of the Horse ($15.00)
Kolata, Gina -- Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It ($5.00)
Komp, Diane M. M.D. -- (anatomy of a lie): the truth about lies and why good people tell them ($20.00)
Kort, Ellen -- The Fox Heritage: A History of Wisconsin's Fox Cities ($35.00)
Kosko, Bart -- Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic ($8.00)
Kostof, Spiro -- A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals ($25.00)
Krauss, Rosalind E. -- The Picasso Papers ($12.00)
Kress, Nancy -- The Golden Grove ($25.00)
Kumble, Steven J. and Kevin J. Lahart -- Conduct Unbecoming: The Rise and Ruin of Finley, Kumble ($6.00)
Kurzweil, Ray -- The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence ($9.00)
Kyrklund, Kyra and Jytte Lemkow -- Dressage With Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method ($15.00)
Labiche, Eugene Marin and Edouard Martin -- La Poudre Aux Yeux: Comédie en deux actes - French and English language ($12.00)
Lacher, J.H., with additional material from Don Heinrich Tolzmann [Editor] -- Wisconsin's German Element: J.H.A. Lacher's Introductory History ($20.00)
Lamb, Major A.J.R. -- The Story of the Horse ($12.00)
Lambert, Richard J. Ph.G., M.D. -- Sex and Marriage ($10.00)
Lampton, Christopher -- DNA Fingerprinting ($10.00)
Lane, John A. -- Early Type Specimens in the Plantin-Moretus Museum: Annotated descriptions of the specimens to ca. 1850 (mostly from the Low Countries and France) with preliminary notes on the typefoundries and printing offices ($80.00)
Langill, Ellen -- Powered By Our Past: 150 years of marshall & Ilsley Bank 1847 - 1997 ($15.00)
Langill, Ellen D. -- The Columbia Way: Columbia Hostpital 100 years of Excellence 1909-2009 ($50.00)
Langill, Ellen, Dave Jenson, Dale Buss and Linda Duczman -- Milwaukee 150: The Greater Milwaukee Story ($15.00)
Lankevich, George J. [Editor] -- Milwaukee: A Chronological & Documentary History 1673-1977 ($20.00)
Lapham, I.A. [Increase Allen] -- Wisconsin: Its Geography and Topography, History, Geology, and Mineralogy: ($120.00)
Lark, Susan M., M.D. -- Eat Papayas Naked: The pH-Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty ($18.00)
Latourette, Kenneth Scott -- A Short History of the Far East ($12.00)
Laurentin, René, trans. by Matthew J. O'Connell -- Catholic Pentecostalism ($15.00)
Le Joly, Edward -- Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Biography ($12.00)
Lears, Jackson -- Something For Nothing: Luck in America ($10.00)
Leckie, Robert -- Okinawa: The last battle of World War II ($8.00)
Legler, Henry -- Leading Events of Wisconsin History: The Story of the State ($25.00)
Leighton, Jan and Hallie Leighton -- Rare Words and Ways to Master Their Meanings: 500 Arcane But Useful Words for Language Lovers ($12.00)
Lennox, Muriel -- Dark Horse: Unraveling the Mystery of Nearctic ($12.00)
Lerner, Michael -- The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From the Religious Right (ARC) ($8.00)
Levine, Rick, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and Devid Weinberger -- The Cluetrain Manifesto ($10.00)
Levings, H. Patricia -- Training the Quarter Horse Jumper ($12.00)
Lew, James -- The Art of Stretching and Kicking ($7.00)
Lewis, C.S. -- The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicals of Narnia Series) ($2.00)
Lewis, Howard R and Martha E. -- Psychosomatics: How your emotions can damage your health ($10.00)
Lewis, Richard S. -- A Continent for Science: The Antarctic Adventure ($10.00)
Ley, D. Forbes MBA -- The Best Seller ($12.00)
Licart, Jean -- Basic Equitation ($65.00)
Liguori, Alphonsus (Saint) -- Das Neue Missionsbuch der Congregation des allerheiligsten Erlo¨sers. Ein Unterrichts- und Gebetbuch, hauptsa¨chlich entnommen aus der Werken des hl. Alfons von Liguori. Geeignet die Früchte einer heiligen Mission zu bewahren. ($30.00)
Lincoln, W. Bruce -- Passage Through Armageddon: The Russians in War and Revolution 1914-1918 ($12.00)
Lindbergh, Charles A. -- Autobiography of Values ($6.00)
Linden, Eugene -- The Octopus and the Orangutan: More True Tales Of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity ($6.00)
Linton, Ralph -- The Tree of Culture ($12.00)
Littauer, V.S. (Captain) -- Be A Better Horseman: An Illustrated Guide to the Enjoyment of Modern Riding ($25.00)
Littauer, Vladimir S. (Captain) -- Commonsense Horsemanship: A distinct method of Riding and Schooling Horses and of Learning to Ride, Second Edition ($30.00)
Little, Clarence C. Sc. D. -- The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs ($25.00)
Little, Clarence C. Sc. D. -- The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs ($75.00)
Lofgren, Lars -- Ocean Birds ($15.00)
Lohman, Jack and Arnold Kirkpatrick -- Successful Thoroughbred Investment: In A Changing Market ($10.00)
Lorenzen, Coral and Jim -- Flying Saucer Occupants: A selection of reports about unidentified flying objects seen on the ground -- and their occupants -- from the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) ($6.00)
Luard, Lowes D. -- The Anatomy and Action of the Horse by an artist ($30.00)
Ludlum, Robert -- The Tristan Betrayal ($10.00)
Lukacs, John -- Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian. ($12.00)
Lundy, Miranda -- Sacred Geometry ($8.00)
Lustbader, Eric V. -- Angel Eyes ($9.00)
Luther, Dr. Martin -- Luthers Volksbibliothek. In Nutz und Frommen des Lutherschen Christenvolks ausgewählte vollständige Schriften Dr. Martin Luthers, unverändert mit den nöthigen erläuternden Bemerkungen abgedruckt. ($20.00)
Lyle, Sparky and Petr Golenbock -- The Bronx Zoo ($25.00)
Lynch, Aaron -- Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society ($12.00)
Lyon, McDowell -- The Dog In Action: A study of Anatomy and Locomotion as applying to all breeds ($30.00)
Lyons, John with Eleanor Kellon V.M.D. et al -- Raising & Feeding the Perfect Horse (John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($12.00)
Lyons, John with Eleanor Kellon V.M.D. et al -- Veterinary Care For The Perfect Horse (John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($12.00)
Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin -- Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART I. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($12.00)
Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin -- Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART II. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($12.00)
Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin -- Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART III. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($12.00)
Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin, Eleanor Kellon V.M.D. et al -- Perfectly Practical Advice on Horsemanship (John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series) ($9.00)
Lyons, John with Sinclair Browning -- Lyons on Horses: John Lyon's Proven Conditioned-Response Training Program ($12.00)
Macgregor-Morris, Pamela -- Show Jumping: Officers' Hobby Into International Sport ($9.00)
Madnick, Stuart E. and John J. Donovan -- Operating Systems (McGraw-Hill Computer Science Series) ($10.00)
Maier, Henry W. -- The Mayor Who Made Milwaukee Famous: An Autobiography ($12.00)
Maier, Tom with Rebekah Ferran Witter -- Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls: Life Lessons Learned on the Back of a Horse ($15.00)
Mailer, Norman -- Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery ($6.00)
Mander, Jerry -- Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television ($5.00)
Maor, Eli -- To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite ($12.00)
Margolin, Phillip -- Lost Lake (SIGNED) ($15.00)
Mark, Vernon H., M.D., F.A.C.S. with Jeffrey P. Mark, M.Sc. -- Reversing Memory Loss: Proven mothods for regaining, strengthening, and preserving your memory ($6.00)
Marshall, Edward M. -- Transforming the Way We Work: The Power of the Collaborative Workplace ($8.00)
Martin, Isabelle -- Foods That Make You Lose Weight: Or Negative Calories ($5.00)
Martin, Renee C. -- Your Script is Showing: How to Know Yourself and Others Better Through Handwriting Analysis ($5.00)
Massie, Robert K. -- Nicholas and Alexandra ($5.00)
Maxtone-Traham, John -- The Only Way To Cross ($15.00)
McCall, Dr. Jim -- Influencing Horse Behavior: A Natural Approach To Training ($10.00)
McCartney, Laton -- Friends In High Places The Bechtel Story: The Most Secret Corporation and How It Engineered the World ($9.00)
McClelland, Ted -- Horseplayers: Life at the Track ($10.00)
Mcdonald, Sister M. Grace OSB -- With Lamps Burning ($12.00)
McDonnell, Sue -- Understanding Horse Behavior: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management ($9.00)
McKee, Harley -- Recording Historic Buildings: The Historic American Buildings Survey ($15.00)
McMurtrie, Douglas C. -- The Book: The Story of Printing & Bookmaking Illustrated ($35.00)
McNamee, Thomas -- The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone ($15.00)
Mech, L. David -- The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species ($9.00)
Meisenzahl, Hilda -- Meisen Breeding Manual ($50.00)
Messori, Vittorio -- Opus Dei: Leadershp and Vision in Today's Catholic Church ($20.00)
Meyer, Faith -- The History of the John Deere Horicon Works 1861-1986 ($95.00)
Meyer, karl -- Karl Meyer's Führer über das Kyffhäuser-Gebirge. ($40.00)
Meyer, Nicholas -- The Canary Trainer: From the Memoirs of John H. Watson, M.D. ($6.00)
Michaels, Barbara -- Ammie, Come Home ($30.00)
Middleton, Bernard C. -- Recollections: A Life In Bookbinding ($25.00)
Mighton, John -- The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child ($8.00)
Milgram, Stanley -- Obedience to Authority ($12.00)
Miller, John and Aaron Kenedi, Eds. Introduction by David Rose -- Inside Iraq: The History, The People, and the Modern Conflicts of the World's Least Understood Land ($6.00)
Miller, Robert W. -- Western Horse Behavior & Training: Understanding the Horse and How to Train it, Western-Style ($8.00)
Miller, Robert W. -- Western Horse Behavior and Training: Understanding, breaking, and finishing your horse ($8.00)
Milne, F.J. [Editor] -- Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Miami Beach Florida, December, 1979 ($25.00)
Milne, Lorus and Margery -- Paths Across the Earth ($6.00)
Mlodinow, Leonard -- Euclid's Window: The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace ($9.00)
Montes, Cristina [Editor] -- New Offices ($45.00)
Montgomery, Charles F. -- A History of American Pewter ($10.00)
Moore, Dennis R. [Editor] -- The Papers of James S. Anderson [The Civil War Diaries and Letters of James Anderson Company A 5th Wis. Volunteers Manitowoc, Wis.] ($50.00)
Moore, June Hines -- You Can Raise A Well-Mannered Chiuld ($4.00)
Moorhouse, Geoffrey -- Sun Dancing: A Vision of Medieval Ireland ($7.00)
Morrell, David -- The Fifth Profession ($5.00)
Morris, George H. -- Hunter Seat Equitation Revised Edition ($12.00)
Morris, John -- Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman ($18.00)
Morris, Richard -- Dismantling the Universe: The Nature of Scientific Discovery ($5.00)
Morrison, Wilbur H. -- The Elephant & theTiger: The Full Story of the Vietnam War ($15.00)
Morwitz, Dr. E and a number of specialists -- New American Dictionary of the English and German Languages ($70.00)
Mosher, Steven W. -- Broken Earth: The Rural Chinese ($9.00)
Mosher, Steven W. -- Journey to the Forbidden China ($9.00)
Mowat, Farley -- Never Cry Wolf ($6.00)
Mowat, Farley -- Woman In the Mists: The Story of Dian Fossey and The Mountain Gorillas of Africa ($12.00)
Muir, Frank (editor) -- The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose: From William Caxton to P.G. Wodehouse ($8.00)
Mulloy, Elizabeth -- History of the National Trust for Historic Preservation: 1963-1973 ($12.00)
Murphy, Pat -- Nadya ($10.00)
Murray, Robert J. -- A Church Grows on a Tree Claim: A history of Sacred Heart Parish, Aberdeen, South Dakota ($40.00)
Murray, William -- Now You See Her, Now You Don't: A Shifty Lou Anderson Novel ($8.00)
Museler, W. -- Riding Logic ($12.00)
Myers, Robin and Michael Harris (Editors) -- Fakes & Frauds: Varieties of deception in print and manuscript ($30.00)
Nash, Ogden -- Bed Riddance: A Posy For the Indisposed ($15.00)
Naster, David -- You Just Have To Laugh: : Using humor to make tough times better (Inscribed) ($12.00)
Nelson, Richard -- Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America ($12.00)
Newton, Norman T. -- Design on the Land: The Development of Landscape Architecture ($50.00)
Nichols, Virginia -- How to Show Your Own Dog ($7.00)
Nielsen, Dr. Jerri with Maryane Vollers -- Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole ($12.00)
Nisbett, Richard E. and Dov Cohen -- Culture of Honor: The psychology of violence in the South ($24.00)
No author stated -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1941, Vol 54 Part 1 ($70.00)
No author stated -- Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1942, Vol 55 Part 1 ($50.00)
No author stated -- Boltonville Centennial 1854-1954 ($24.00)
No author stated -- Books For The Horseman: Catalogue of the Horseman's Bookshop ($15.00)
No author stated -- Christian Hymnways: A collection of hymns and worship materials for the Church School, for Youth, and other kindred groups ($15.00)
No author stated -- Der Kirche Wachsthum, Oder: Geschichte der Christlichen Kirche vom Anfange des vierten bis zum Ende des achten Jahrhunderts (Volumn 2) ($12.00)
No author stated -- Die Zillerthaler. Eine geschichtliche Erzählung ($40.00)
No author stated -- For Those Who Demand More: We Are Case IH ($60.00)
No author stated -- Germania Kalender 1902 ($25.00)
No author stated -- Geschichte der christlichen Kirche. Dr. Martin Luthers Leben und Das Leben von Huldreich Zingli und Johann Calvin ($12.00)
No author stated -- Golden Bells in Convent Towers: The Story of Father Samuel and Saint Clara 1854-1904 [Dominican Convent, Sinsinawa, WI] ($30.00)
No author stated -- Greendale Remembers: The Story of the Village in the Voices of Its People [Wisconsin] ($40.00)
No author stated -- Johnson Wax Magazine: 1886 to 1986 One Hundred Years of Leadership ($20.00)
No author stated -- Norddeutsch Lloyd, Bremen Passagierliste des Doppelschrauben-Postdampfers "Großer Kurfürst" am 14. Oktober 1911 ($22.00)
No author stated -- Official Map of the City of Milwaukee Baptist Young People's Union of America Sixth Annual Convention 1896 Presented with the compliments of The Estey Organ Co., The Esty Piano Co. ($50.00)
No author stated -- Preserving and Restoring Monuments and Historic Buildings (Museums and Monuments Series, XIV) ($35.00)
No author stated -- Recipes: The Cooking of Scandinavia ($6.00)
No author stated -- Souvenir Kenosha County Court House and Bits of Yesterday -- Foundations of Today ($25.00)
No author stated -- The Articles of Faith and Covenant of the Evangelical Church, Sherburne [Massachusetts]: With a List of the Members ($25.00)
No author stated -- The General Ordinances of the City of Milwaukee with Amendments Thereto and an Appendix. Published by order of the Common Council. ($130.00)
No author stated -- The Horseshoer: Technical Manual No. TM 2-220 ($50.00)
No author stated -- The Illustrated Glossary of Horse Equipment ($6.00)
No author stated -- The White House ($4.00)
No author stated -- Wider den Erbfeind. Historische Erzählung aus der Zeit der Kriege Englands mit den Spaniern. Rundschau-Bibliothek. Band 7. ($75.00)
No author stated -- Wisconsin Public Service Corporation: A History 1869-1950 ($75.00)
none stated -- Drittes Lesebuch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Schulen Neue Serie ($40.00)
none stated -- The Bicentennial Beef Cookbook: The 100 Greatest Beef Dishes of America's First 200 Years ($6.00)
Nye, Nelson C. -- Your Western Horse: His Ways and His Rider (Hardcover) ($5.00)
Oates, Joyce Carol -- Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart ($5.00)
Oates, Joyce Carol -- Man Crazy ($10.00)
Obenland, Kathleen -- Show Ring Success: A Rider's Guide to Winning Strategies ($15.00)
Obmascik, Mark -- The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession ($5.00)
O'Brien, Dominic -- Learn to Remember: Practical Techniques and Exercises to Improve Your Memory ($15.00)
O'Connor, Len -- Requiem: The Decline and Demise of Mayor Daley and His Era ($6.00)
O'Fiaich, Tomas Cardinal (Archbishop of Armagh), Kevin McNamara (Archbishop of Dublin), joseph Cunnane (Archbishop of Tuam) and Thomas Morris (Archbishop of Cashel) -- Love is for Life: Irish Bishops' Pastoral ($15.00)
Oliver, Chad -- The Shores of Another Sea - Classics of Modern Science Fiction, Vol. 3 ($5.00)
Orman, Suze -- The Laws of Money, the Lessons of Life: Keep What You have and Create What You Deserve ($10.00)
Osborne, Walter D. -- The Quarter Horse ($8.00)
Ourada, Patricia K. -- The Menominee Indians: A History ($30.00)
Ozanam, Frederic (Joseph I. Dirvin, C.M., Translator) -- Frederic Ozanam: A Life In Letters ($12.00)
Pakes, Anothy G. and R.A. Maller -- Mathematical Ecology of Plant Species Competition: A Class Of Deterministic Models For Binary Mixtures Of Plant Genotypes ($40.00)
Palika, Liz -- The Australian Shepherd, An Owners Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet ($5.00)
Palmer, Joan -- Dog Facts ($8.00)
Pappas, Theoni -- Math Stuff ($9.00)
Parker, Barbara -- Blood Relations ($10.00)
Parker, Robert B. -- Sudden Mischief ($10.00)
Patterson, James and Andrew Gross -- 3rd Degree ($6.00)
Patton, Helen -- Lucas Bradley: Carpenter, Builder, Architect (Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol 52, No 2, Winter, 1974-1975 ($5.00)
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Ricks, Thomas -- Making the Corps: ($6.00)
Roberts, Nora -- River's End ($9.00)
Roberts-Miller, Patricia -- Voices In the Wilderness: Public discourse and the paradox of Puritan rhetoric ($10.00)
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Rosholt, Malcolm and John Britten Gehl -- Florimond J. Bonduel: Missionary to Wisconsin Territory [SIGNED] ($50.00)
Rossman, Isadore, M.D., Ph.D. -- Looking Forward: The Complete Medical Guide to Successful Aging ($6.00)
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Rostenberg, Leona and Madeline Stern -- New Worlds in Old Books ($20.00)
Rutherfurd, Edward -- Sarum: The Novel of England ($10.00)
Ryan, Allan Jr. -- Quiet Neighbors: Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals In America ($10.00)
Ryden, Hope -- America’s Last Wild Horses ($15.00)
Ryder, John D. -- Electronic Engineering Principles ($6.00)
S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc., R&D Staff -- For the Next Generation: The Commitment to Research at Johnson Wax ($150.00)
Sabbag, Robert -- Too Tough To Die: Down and Dangerous With the U.S. Marshals ($15.00)
Sabbagh, Karl -- A Rum Affair: A True Story of Botanical Fraud ($9.00)
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Sanford, John -- Sudden Prey ($10.00)
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Smalley, Gary with John Trent -- Love is a Decision: Proven Techniques to Keep your Marriage Alive and Lively ($3.00)
Smith and Doe -- The Ultimate Sex Test: Is he cheating? Does he lie? What does he want in bed? Dare to take the test . . . ($10.00)
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Smith, William R. (President of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin) -- The History of Wisconsin. In Three Parts, Historical, Documentary, and Descriptive. Compiled by Direction of the Legislature of the State. Part I. -- Historical. Vol. I. and Part II. -- Documentary. Vol. III (Volume II never published) ($150.00)
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Sparks, Nicholas -- The Guardian ($5.00)
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Truman, Margaret -- Murder in Foggy Bottom ($12.00)
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von Kronoff, Frida -- Goldkörner. Erzählungen für Jung und Alt - IV Band ($6.00)
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Wakefield, J. -- History of Waupaca County ($50.00)
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Wall, John F. -- Practical Light Horse Breeding ($15.00)
Wall, John F. and Frank Jennings -- Judging the Horse for Racing, Riding and Recreation ($20.00)
Wallace, Martin -- A Short History of Ireland ($6.00)
Waller, Robert James -- Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend ($10.00)
Walther, Fritz R. -- In the Country of Gazelles ($10.00)
Wanless, Mary -- The Natural Rider: A Right-Brain Approach to Riding ($10.00)
Ward, Peter D. -- Under A Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions Of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future ($6.00)
Ware, Susan, Editor -- Forgotten Heroes: Inspiring American Portraits From Our Leading Historians ($15.00)
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Warren, William W. -- History of the Ojibway People ($10.00)
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Watrous, Lieut. Col. Jerome A. [Editor] -- Memoirs of Milwaukee County (Vol. I and II): From the earliest historical times down to the present, including a genealogical and biographical record of representative families in Milwaukee County ($500.00)
Wauwatosa Historical Society -- Images of America: Wauwatosa ($20.00)
Weaver, Robert C. -- Preserving Historic America ($10.00)
Weed, Steven with Scott Swanton -- My Search for Patty Hearst ($18.00)
Weil, Rolf A. -- Through These Portals: From Immigrant to University President ($10.00)
Weiner, Johathan -- The Beak Of The Finch: A Story Of Evolution In Our Time ($15.00)
Weisbord, Merrily and Kim Kachanofe, DVM -- Dogs With Jobs: Working Dogs Around the World ($10.00)
Wells, Rebecca -- Little Altars Everywhere ($5.00)
Wells, Robert W. -- Daylight in the Swamp! Lumberjacking in the Late 19th Century ($12.00)
Wells, Robert W. -- This is Milwaukee ($10.00)
Wheeler, A.C. -- Chronicles of Milwaukee: Being a narrative history of the town from its earliest period to the present ($100.00)
Whiffen, Marcus -- American Architecture Since 1780: A Guide to the Styles ($10.00)
Whitcomb, John and Claire Whitcomb -- Real Life at the White House: Two Hundred Years of Daily Life at America's Most Famous Residence ($20.00)
White, John H. -- The Final Journey of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin ($10.00)
White, Jon Manchip -- A World Elsewhere: One Man's Fascination With the American Southwest ($15.00)
White, T. H. -- Mistress Masham's Repose ($10.00)
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Widmer, Jack -- The American Quarter Horse ($6.00)
Wilde, Oscar -- The Happy Prince and Other Tales ($20.00)
Williams, Dorian -- Show Jumper ($12.00)
Williams, Moyra -- Horse Psychology ($10.00)
Williams, Terence -- I Won't Wait Up Tonight: What to do to take care of yourself when you're living with an alcoholic or an addict ($9.00)
Wilson, Edward O. -- Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge ($12.00)
Wilson, James Q. and Richard J. Herrnstein -- Crime & Human Nature ($8.00)
Wilson, Philip Whitwell -- The Vision We Forget: A Layman's Reading of the Book of the Revelation of St. John the Devine ($30.00)
Winchester, Simon -- The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology ($10.00)
Wisherd, Nan -- Pathways: The Earliest History of Northern Wisconsin's Brule Region [Signed by Author] ($18.00)
Wodehouse, P.G. -- Fore! The Best of Wodehouse on Golf ($5.00)
Wolke, Robert L. -- What Einstein Told His Cook 2, The Sequel: Further Adventures in Kitchen Science ($10.00)
Wolpert, Lewis -- Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief ($12.00)
Woodard, Thos. K. and Blanche Greenstein -- Classic American Quilts ($10.00)
Wright, Susan -- Good-Bye Clutter: Organize and Simplify Every Room in Your Home ($10.00)
Yergin, Daniel -- The Prize: The epic quest for oil, money and power ($10.00)
York, Herbert F. -- Arms and the Physicist - Masters of Modern Physics Series ($20.00)
Young, Mary Ellen and Wayne Attoe -- Places of Worship Milwaukee ($18.00)
Young, Richard John -- The Schooling of the Western Horse ($8.00)
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Zimmermann, Dr. G.A. -- Vierhundert Jahre Amerikanischer Geschichte: Zur 400jährigen Jubelfeier der Entdeckung Amerika's ($30.00)