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3rd Degree, by Patterson, James and Andrew Gross ($6.00)
A Treasury of Great Mysteries (2 Volumes), by Haycraft, Howard and John Beecroft, Eds. ($10.00)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Smith, Betty (Foreword by Anna Quindlen) ($15.00)
Actual Innocence, by Siegel, Barry ($12.00)
Ammie, Come Home, by Michaels, Barbara ($30.00)
Angel Eyes, by Lustbader, Eric V. ($9.00)
Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart, by Oates, Joyce Carol ($5.00)
Blood Relations, by Parker, Barbara ($10.00)
Bloody Secrets: A Lupe Solano Mystery, by Garcia-Aguilero, Carolina ($10.00)
Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes, by Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan ($10.00)
Dark End of the Street - SIGNED, by Atkins, Ace ($15.00)
Deck the Halls, by Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Clark ($5.00)
Double Dare, by Keyes, Edward ($10.00)
Duluth, by Vidal, Gore ($5.00)
East of the Mountains, by Guterson, David ($6.00)
Flight, by Burke, Jan ($5.00)
Here's to You, Rachel Robinson, by Blume, Judy ($6.00)
Honor Among Thieves, by Archer, Jeffrey ($10.00)
Hooligans, by Diehl, William ($8.00)
I'll Be Seeing You, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($5.00)
L is for Lawless, by Grafton, Sue ($15.00)
Let Me Call You Sweetheaert, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($5.00)
Lines of Defense, by Siegel, Barry ($9.00)
Little Altars Everywhere, by Wells, Rebecca ($5.00)
Little Women, by Alcott, Louisa May ($10.00)
Loot, by Elkins, Aaron ($10.00)
Lost Lake (SIGNED), by Margolin, Phillip ($15.00)
Man Crazy, by Oates, Joyce Carol ($10.00)
Mistress Masham's Repose, by White, T. H. ($10.00)
Moonlight Becomes You, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($5.00)
Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder, by Holt, Hazel ($15.00)
Mrs. Ted Bliss, by Elkin, Stanley ($10.00)
Murder and Obsession, by Penzler, Otto Editor ($10.00)
Murder at the Watergate, by Truman, Margaret ($5.00)
Murder in Foggy Bottom, by Truman, Margaret ($12.00)
My Gal Sunday, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($10.00)
Nadya, by Murphy, Pat ($10.00)
Night Over Water, by Follett, Ken ($6.00)
Northern Exposure, by Kilian, Michael ($9.00)
Now You See Her, Now You Don't: A Shifty Lou Anderson Novel, by Murray, William ($8.00)
Paper Doll, by Shepard, Jim ($9.00)
Praying Mantis, by Taylor, Domini (Roger Erskine Longrigg) ($5.00)
Program for a Puppet, by Perry, Roland ($8.00)
Quicksilver: Volume One of the Baroque Cycle, by Stephenson, Neal ($15.00)
Ransom For An Angel (INSCRIBED), by Hunter, Fred W. ($40.00)
Raven's Gate: Book One of the Gatekeepers, by Horowitz, Anthony ($5.00)
Reader's Guide To Murder, by Jeffers, H. Paul ($10.00)
Red Rabbit (Large Print), by Clancy, Tom ($6.00)
Red Square, by Smith, Martin Cruz ($6.00)
Redemption, by Uris, Leon ($10.00)
Remember Me, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($6.00)
River's End, by Roberts, Nora ($9.00)
Sarum: The Novel of England, by Rutherfurd, Edward ($10.00)
Sherlock Holmes in Dallas, by Aubrey, Edmund ($20.00)
Skeleton Canyon: A Joanna Brady Mystery, by Jance, J.A. ($10.00)
Sky Masters, by Brown, Dale ($10.00)
Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend, by Waller, Robert James ($10.00)
Snapshot, by Barnes, Linda ($6.00)
Speaking in Tongues, by Deaver, Jeffery ($6.00)
Starting Over, by Pilcher, Robin ($12.00)
Sudden Mischief, by Parker, Robert B. ($10.00)
Sudden Prey, by Sanford, John ($10.00)
Swimming Across the Hudson, by Henkin, Joshua ($10.00)
Tales From an Irish Wake: A Novel of Irish Immigrants in Wisconsin, by Armstrong, Margaret Doar ($20.00)
The Canary Trainer: From the Memoirs of John H. Watson, M.D., by Meyer, Nicholas ($6.00)
The Cavalier's Cup: Another Adventure of Sir Henry Merrivale, by Dickson, Carter ($12.00)
The Coffin Dancer, by Deaver, Jeffery ($6.00)
The Devil's Teardrop, by Deaver, Jeffery ($5.00)
The Eyes of the Dragon, by King, Stephen ($12.00)
The Fifth Profession, by Morrell, David ($5.00)
The Final Faberge, by Swan, Thomas ($9.99)
The Golden Grove, by Kress, Nancy ($25.00)
The Guardian, by Sparks, Nicholas ($5.00)
The Happy Prince and Other Tales, by Wilde, Oscar ($20.00)
The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicals of Narnia Series), by Lewis, C.S. ($2.00)
The Horse Whisperer, by Eans, Nicholas ($5.00)
The Hunt for Red October, by Clancy, Tom ($8.00)
The Last Good German, by Granger, Bill ($6.00)
The Last Precinct, by Cornwell, Patricia ($12.00)
The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Based on the original radio plays by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher, by Greenwald, Ken ($10.00)
The Lottery Winner, by Clark, Mary Higgins ($10.00)
The Mayflower (Flor De Mayo): A Tale of the Valencian Seashore, by Ibanez, Vicente Blasco ($10.00)
The Noblest Frailty, by Veryan, Patricia ($45.00)
The Red Pony, by Steinbeck, John ($5.00)
The Shores of Another Sea - Classics of Modern Science Fiction, Vol. 3, by Oliver, Chad ($5.00)
The Shot: A Thriller, by Kerr, Philip ($12.00)
The Sicilian, by Puzo, Mario ($10.00)
The Tristan Betrayal, by Ludlum, Robert ($10.00)
The Visiting Physician, by Shreve, Susan Richards ($5.00)
Topping From Below, by Reese, Laura ($12.00)
Trial, by Hall, Parnell ($8.00)
Tropic of Venus, by Anonymous ($35.00)
West of Eden, by Harrison, Harry ($15.00)
What Nigel Knew, by Field, Evan (pseudonym for Joy Gould Boyum and Marjorie Rosen) ($6.00)
Wobegon Boy, by Keillor, Garrison ($6.00)
Zero Coupon, by Erdman, Paul ($5.00)