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(anatomy of a lie): the truth about lies and why good people tell them, by Komp, Diane M. M.D. ($20.00)
1892 Map of the City of New York For Special Use of Delegates to the Eleventh International Christian Endeavor Convention, by Committee of '92 ($50.00)
'41 and '42 A.D.: Cartoons by Shoemaker, by Shoemaker, Vaughn, edited by Don Russell ($35.00)
50 Years of Lake Mills, Wisconsin 1936-1985 [SIGNED], by Crone, Frances May McCleery and Ethel mae Seward Wagner ($30.00)
A Bibliography of Illinois Imprints 1814-58, by Byrd, Cecil K. ($35.00)
A Bibliography on Historical Organization Practices, Volumes 1 through 5, by Rath, Frederick L. Jr. and Merrilyn Rogers O'Connell ($80.00)
A Brand-New Bird, by Birkhead, Tim ($12.00)
A Cast of Killers, by Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. ($20.00)
A Centennial History: A History of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, by Jenkins, John W. ($12.00)
A Church Grows on a Tree Claim: A history of Sacred Heart Parish, Aberdeen, South Dakota, by Murray, Robert J. ($40.00)
A Continent for Science: The Antarctic Adventure, by Lewis, Richard S. ($10.00)
A Descriptive Bibliography of 1001 Horse Books, by Jones, William E. (Editor) ($40.00)
A First Book In American History: With Special Reference to the Lives and Deeds of Great Americans, by Eggleston, Edward ($15.00)
A History of American Pewter, by Montgomery, Charles F. ($10.00)
A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals, by Kostof, Spiro ($25.00)
A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by Armstrong, Karen ($6.00)
A History of Oconto [Wisconsin] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR], by Hall, George E. ($75.00)
A History of Ripon Wisconsin, by Pedrick, Samuel M. and George h. Miller ($40.00)
A History of the Cranberry Industry in Wisconsin, by Peltier, Dr. George L. ($40.00)
A History of Union Congregational Church: 1836-1955 [Green Bay, Wisconsin], by Cady, Ethel ($25.00)
A History of Wisconsin Deer (Publication 323), by Swift, Ernest ($25.00)
A Horse Of Your Own: New Revised Edition, by Stoneridge, M.A. ($6.00)
A Hundred Years of Congregational History in Wisconsin, by Dexter, Rev. Frank N. (D.D.) (Editor) ($45.00)
A Laboratory Manual of Experiments in Physics, Sixth Edition, by Ingersoll, Leonard Rose, Miles Jay Martin, and Theodore Alton Rouse ($6.00)
A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, by Paulos, John Allen ($8.00)
A Rum Affair: A True Story of Botanical Fraud, by Sabbagh, Karl ($9.00)
A Short History of Ireland, by Wallace, Martin ($6.00)
A Short History of Milwaukee, by Bruce, William George ($50.00)
A Short History of the Far East, by Latourette, Kenneth Scott ($12.00)
A World Bibliography of Bibliographies: and of bibliographical catalogues, calendars, abstracts, digests, indexes and the like - 5 vols., by Besterman, Theodore ($450.00)
A World Elsewhere: One Man's Fascination With the American Southwest, by White, Jon Manchip ($15.00)
A World Transformed, by Bush, George [H.W.] and Brent Scowcroft ($8.00)
Abendschule-Kalender fu¨r das christliche Haus auf das gemeine Jahr 1883, by Editors of the Abendschule [Rev. E. Kaehler and Prof. Dr. Duemling] ($15.00)
Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves: The Efolution of Gammarus minus, by Culver, David C., Thomas C. Kane and Daniel W. Fong ($12.00)
Adopting the Racing Greyhound, by Branigan, Cynthia A. ($5.00)
Adult Children as Husbands Wives and Lovers, by Farmer, Steven, M.A. M.F.C.C. ($10.00)
Advanced Law Firm Mismanagement: From the Offices of Fairweather, Winters & Summers, by Kanter, Arnold B. ($5.00)
All About Beds and Bedding (Allen Photographic Guides, Number 36), by Evans, Sian ($12.00)
Alma on the Mississippi 1848 - 1932, by Anderson-Sannes, Barbara ($20.00)
America’s Last Wild Horses, by Ryden, Hope ($15.00)
American Architecture Since 1780: A Guide to the Styles, by Whiffen, Marcus ($10.00)
American City Planning Since 1890: A history commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Institute of Planners, by Scott, Mel ($18.00)
American Picture Books from Noah's Ark to the Beast Within, by Bader, Barbara ($40.00)
American Steeplechasing 1977, by Colgan, Charles T. (Editor) and William Gallo, Jr. (Associate Editor) ($15.00)
American Steeplechasing 1978, by Colgan, Charles T. (Editor) and William Gallo, Jr. (Associate Editor) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1983, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1984, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1986, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1987, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1989, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1990, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1993, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1994, by Colgan, Charles T. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($12.00)
American Steeplechasing 1995, by Colgan, Charles T. (Executive Editor), Joe Clancy Jr. and William Gallo, Jr. (Editors) ($15.00)
American Watermarks 1690-1835, by Gravell, Thomas L., George Miller and Elizabeth Walsh ($50.00)
America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, Second Edition, by Crossette, Barbara (Editor) ($6.00)
Among the Bears: Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild (SIGNED), by Kilham, Benjamin and Ed Gray ($25.00)
Among the Hills [SIGNED BY AUTHOR], by Churchill, Josie ($30.00)
An Eye For A Horse; A Guide To Buying And Judging, by Goldschmidt, Lt.-Col. Sidney G. ($20.00)
An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood, by Carter, Jimmy ($12.00)
An Idiot for All Seasons, by Feherty, Davidhrenbach, T. R. ($6.00)
An Illustrated History of The State of Wisconsin, by Tuttle, Charles R. ($35.00)
An Introduction to The Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method: The T.E.A.M. Approach to Problem-Free Training, by Tellington-Jones, Linda and Ursula Bruns ($12.00)
And the Sea Will Tell, by Bugliosi, vincent with Bruce B. Henderson ($10.00)
Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach, by Alcock, John ($25.00)
Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior, by Grandin, Temple and Catherine Johnson ($6.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1941, Vol 54 Part 1, by No author stated ($70.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1942, Vol 55 Part 1, by No author stated ($50.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1943, Vol 56 Part 1, by Duncan, Roger [Editor] ($60.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1944, Vol 57 Part 1, by Duncan, Roger [Editor] ($60.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1945, Vol 58 Part 1, by Duncan, Roger [Editor] ($40.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1946, Vol 59 Part 1, by Duncan, Roger [Editor] ($40.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1947, Vol 60 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($25.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1948, Vol 61 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1949, Vol 62 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($25.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1950, Vol 63 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1951, Vol 64 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1952, Vol 65 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($20.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1953, Vol 66 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1954, Vol 67 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Annual Year Book Trotting and Pacing in 1955, Vol 68 Part 1, by Adamkosky, Walter V. [Editor] ($15.00)
Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into..., by Stewart, Ian ($10.00)
Applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, by Dilts, Robert ($15.00)
Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Pelican History of Art series), by Hitchcock, Henry-Russell ($50.00)
Arms and the Physicist - Masters of Modern Physics Series, by York, Herbert F. ($20.00)
Aromatics, by Flanders, Angela ($15.00)
Art and Archaeology, by Ackerman, James S. and Rhys Carpenter ($8.00)
Atlas zur chirurgisch-topographischen Anatomi des Hundes (Atlas of Topographical Surgical Anatomy of the Dog) - in 5 languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, by Ammann, K., E. Seiferle and G. Pelloni ($120.00)
Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous, by Foster, Don ($12.00)
Autobiography of Values, by Lindbergh, Charles A. ($6.00)
Aztalan: Mysteries of an Ancient Indian Town, by Birmingham, Robert A and Lynne G. goldstein ($18.00)
Bachelor Girl: The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century, by Israel, Betsy ($10.00)
Basic Equitation, by Licart, Jean ($65.00)
Basic Training of the Young Horse, by Klimke, Reiner ($12.00)
Battle of the Sexes, by Sparks, John ($15.00)
Be A Better Horseman: An Illustrated Guide to the Enjoyment of Modern Riding, by Littauer, V.S. (Captain) ($25.00)
Beau Dare: American Saddle Colt, by Crowell, Pers ($18.00)
Because I Said So: Recognize the Influence of Childhood Dynamics on Office Politics and Take Charge of Your Career, by Stark, Amy, Ph.D. ($6.00)
Bed Riddance: A Posy For the Indisposed, by Nash, Ogden ($15.00)
Bibliography...Wapiti -- American Elk and European Red Deer, by Kirsch, John B. and Kenneth R. Greer ($22.00)
Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, by Bagemihl, Bruce ($25.00)
Birth of the Chaordic Age, by Hock, Dee ($12.00)
Black Milwaukee: The Making of an Industrial Proletariat, 1915-45, by Trotter, Joe William Jr. ($10.00)
Blätter und Blüten Dargeboten von der Redaktion der Abendschule Band 12, by Various ($12.00)
Blätter und Blüten Dargeboten von der Redaktion der Abendschule Band 22, by Various ($12.00)
Blätter und Blüten Gesammelt von der Redaktion der Abendschule Band 15, by Various ($10.00)
Blätter und Blüten Gesammelt von der Redaktion der Abendschule Band 17, by Various ($8.00)
Blätter und Blüten Gesammelt von der Redaktion der Abendschule Band 2, by Various ($10.00)
Blood Game (Evans Novel fo the West series), by Gorman, Edward ($6.00)
Bloomberg by Bloomberg, by Bloomberg, Michael ($16.00)
Blüthenkranz von Erzählungen VII, by Horn, W. (Editor] ($15.00)
Boltonville Centennial 1854-1954, by No author stated ($24.00)
Book Talk: Essays on Books, Booksellers, Collecting, and Special Collections, by Jackson, Robert H. and Carol Z. Roghkopf [Editors] ($45.00)
Books For The Horseman: Catalogue of the Horseman's Bookshop, by No author stated ($15.00)
Books Have Their Fates, by Rostenberg, Leona and Madeline Stern ($30.00)
Breaking and Riding (1946 Hurst and Blackett edition), by Fillis, James ($50.00)
Breaking and Riding (1975 Caballus edition), by Fillis, James ($45.00)
Breaking the Maya Code, by Coe, Michael D. ($6.00)
Britain's War Machine In Ireland, by Burke, Maurice, SMA ($6.00)
Broken Earth: The Rural Chinese, by Mosher, Steven W. ($9.00)
Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles: Fraud and Corruption in the Chicago Futures Markets, by Greising, David and Laurie Morse ($12.00)
Burnham of Chicago: Architect and Planner, by Hines, Thomas S. ($30.00)
Butterflies of Wisconsin, by Ebner, James A. ($45.00)
Care and Breeding of Horses: No. 7 in the Horse Health and Care Series, by Jones, William E. DVM, PhD (Editor) ($20.00)
Caring for Milwaukee: The Daughters of Charity at St. Mary's Hospital, by Quinn, Brenda W. and Ellen D. Langill ($20.00)
Catholic Pentecostalism, by Laurentin, René, trans. by Matthew J. O'Connell ($15.00)
Catholic Thought on Contraception Through the Centuries, by Sommer, Father Joseph, S.J. ($15.00)
Centered Riding, by Swift, Sally ($15.00)
Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: The nature of cooperation in animals and humans, by Dugatkin, Lee ($12.00)
Chicago Haunts: Ghostlore of the Windy City, by Bielski, Ursula ($6.00)
Chicago's Famous Buildings, by Schulze, Franz and Kevin Harrington ($8.00)
Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night, by Grizzard, Lewis ($10.00)
Chon-Ji of Tae Kwon Do Hyung, by Rhee, Jhoon ($5.00)
Christian Hymnways: A collection of hymns and worship materials for the Church School, for Youth, and other kindred groups, by No author stated ($15.00)
Chronicles of Milwaukee: Being a narrative history of the town from its earliest period to the present, by Wheeler, A.C. ($100.00)
Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian., by Lukacs, John ($12.00)
Classic American Quilts, by Woodard, Thos. K. and Blanche Greenstein ($10.00)
Colt Breaking and Training [TRICK RIDING, ROPING, GAITING], by Crotty, Dan ($175.00)
Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery (Antique American Cookbooks series), by Harland, Marion ($15.00)
Commonsense Horsemanship: A distinct method of Riding and Schooling Horses and of Learning to Ride, Second Edition, by Littauer, Vladimir S. (Captain) ($30.00)
Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART I. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series), by Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin ($12.00)
Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART II. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series), by Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin ($12.00)
Communicating With Cues: The Rider's Guide to Training and Problem Solving PART III. John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series), by Lyons, John with Maureen Gallatin ($12.00)
Compulsive Technology: Computers as Culture (Radical Science Series, No. 18), by Solomonides, Rony and Les Levidow [Editors] ($15.00)
Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing, by Hwang, Kai and Faye A. Briggs ($10.00)
Conduct Unbecoming: The Rise and Ruin of Finley, Kumble, by Kumble, Steven J. and Kevin J. Lahart ($6.00)
Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, by Wilson, Edward O. ($12.00)
Control Techniques in Film Processing, by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ($60.00)
Crime & Human Nature, by Wilson, James Q. and Richard J. Herrnstein ($8.00)
Cult of the Sun: Myth and Magic in Ancient Egypt, by David, Rosalie ($12.00)
Culture of Honor: The psychology of violence in the South, by Nisbett, Richard E. and Dov Cohen ($24.00)
Dark Horse: Unraveling the Mystery of Nearctic, by Lennox, Muriel ($12.00)
Das Hexaemeron von die Geologie. Eine Vertheidigung des Mosaischen Schöpfungsberichts gegen die falschen geologischen Theorien., by Eirich, P. ($20.00)
Das Johanniskäferchen, Das Täubchen, Das Vergißmeinnicht und anderer Erzählungen, by Schmid, Christoph V. ($6.00)
Das Neue Missionsbuch der Congregation des allerheiligsten Erlo¨sers. Ein Unterrichts- und Gebetbuch, hauptsa¨chlich entnommen aus der Werken des hl. Alfons von Liguori. Geeignet die Früchte einer heiligen Mission zu bewahren., by Liguori, Alphonsus (Saint) ($30.00)
Daylight in the Swamp! Lumberjacking in the Late 19th Century, by Wells, Robert W. ($12.00)
Den of Thieves [Insider Trading], by Stewart, James B. ($7.00)
Der Irre von St. James. Aus dem Reisetagebuche eines Arztes., by Galen, Philipp ($12.00)
Der Kirche Wachsthum, Oder: Geschichte der Christlichen Kirche vom Anfange des vierten bis zum Ende des achten Jahrhunderts (Volumn 2), by No author stated ($12.00)
Der würdige Communicant oder Anweisung zum würdigen Gebrauch des heiligen Abendmahls., by Siedel, Dr. Christoph Timothens ($50.00)
Design in Wisconsin Housing: A Guide to Styles, by Stith, D.J., R.P. Meyer, and J.M. Dean ($8.00)
Design on the Land: The Development of Landscape Architecture, by Newton, Norman T. ($50.00)
Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education, by Berquist, Laura M. ($10.00)
Die Zillerthaler. Eine geschichtliche Erzählung, by No author stated ($40.00)
Digital Avionics Systems, by Spitzer, Cary R. ($20.00)
Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century, by Hardison, O.B. Jr. ($10.00)
Disasters In Wisconsin (Badger History, Volume XXXIII November #2), by Various ($4.00)
Disease and History, by Cartwright, Frederick F. and Michael D. Biddiss ($12.00)
Dismantling the Universe: The Nature of Scientific Discovery, by Morris, Richard ($5.00)
Distinguished Service: The Life of Wisconsin Governor Walter J. Kohler, Jr., by Reeves, Thomas C. ($25.00)
DNA Fingerprinting, by Lampton, Christopher ($10.00)
Dog Breeding, by Daglish, E. Fitch, revised by Ann MacDonald ($6.50)
Dog Facts, by Palmer, Joan ($8.00)
Dog's Best Friend: Annals of the Dog-Human Relationship, by Derr, Mark ($9.99)
Dogs With Jobs: Working Dogs Around the World, by Weisbord, Merrily and Kim Kachanofe, DVM ($10.00)
Dollars vs. The People, by Hoan, Mayor Daniel W. ($20.00)
Down In the Valley: The History of Milwaukee County Stadium The People, the Promise, the Passion, by Hoffmann, Gregg ($25.00)
Dressage Riding: A Guide for the Training of Horse and Rider, by Watjen, Richard L. ($10.00)
Dressage With Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method, by Kyrklund, Kyra and Jytte Lemkow ($15.00)
Drittes Lesebuch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Schulen Neue Serie, by none stated ($40.00)
Early Type Specimens in the Plantin-Moretus Museum: Annotated descriptions of the specimens to ca. 1850 (mostly from the Low Countries and France) with preliminary notes on the typefoundries and printing offices, by Lane, John A. ($80.00)
Eat Papayas Naked: The pH-Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty, by Lark, Susan M., M.D. ($18.00)
Eclipse: The last days of the CIA, by Perry, Mark ($12.00)
Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity, by Bodanis, David ($12.00)
Electromechanical System Components, by Charkey, Edward S. BME, BEE ($8.00)
Electronic Engineering Principles, by Ryder, John D. ($6.00)
Electronics with Digital and Analog Integrated Circuits, by Higgins, Richard J. ($5.00)
Engineering Graphics, Fifth Edition, by Giesecke, Frederick E. et al ($12.00)
Equal Justice: A History of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, by Cannon, thomas g. ($45.00)
Equine Massage: A Practical Guide, by Hourdebaigt, Jean-Pierre RMT ($15.00)
Equitation in Pictures, by de Romaszkan, Gregor ($12.00)
Equitation: Learning and Teaching, by Froissard, Jean ($10.00)
Erlebnisse eines Hühnchens von ihm selbst geschildert. Nach dem Französischen von Philipp Laicus., by ?Fleuriot, Zenaide? ($50.00)
Eucharistic Miracles: and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints, by Cruz, Joan Carroll ($7.00)
Euclid's Window: The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace, by Mlodinow, Leonard ($9.00)
Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World, by Horvitz, Leslie Alan ($12.00)
Eve & The Apes, by Hahn, Emily ($12.00)
Factories in the Valley: Neenah-Manasha, 1870-1915, by Glaab, Charles N. and Lawrence H. Larsen ($10.00)
Faeries, by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles G. Wavgh (Editors) ($8.00)
Fakes & Frauds: Varieties of deception in print and manuscript, by Myers, Robin and Michael Harris (Editors) ($30.00)
Fantasy Wargaming, by Galloway, Bruce ($5.00)
Feeding the Horse (The Blood-Horse Library), by Various ($12.00)
Fill'er Up: The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations, by Draeger, Jim and Mark Speltz ($25.00)
Finding and Buying Your Place In the Country, by Scher, Les ($6.00)
Fish Creek Voices: An Oral History of a Door County Village, by Schreiber, Edward and Lois ($40.00)
Fishing With Live Bait (The Hunting and Fishing Library), by Sternberg, Dick ($5.00)
Florimond J. Bonduel: Missionary to Wisconsin Territory [SIGNED], by Rosholt, Malcolm and John Britten Gehl ($50.00)
Flower Drying With A Microwave: Techniques and Projects, by Joosten, Titia ($5.00)
Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It, by Kolata, Gina ($5.00)
Flying Leaves and One-Sheets: Pennsylvania German Broadsides, Fraktur, and Their Printers, by Earnest, Russell and Corinne, Nicholas with Edward L. Rosenberry ($60.00)
Flying Saucer Occupants: A selection of reports about unidentified flying objects seen on the ground -- and their occupants -- from the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), by Lorenzen, Coral and Jim ($6.00)
Foods That Make You Lose Weight: Or Negative Calories, by Martin, Isabelle ($5.00)
For the Next Generation: The Commitment to Research at Johnson Wax, by S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc., R&D Staff ($150.00)
For Those Who Demand More: We Are Case IH, by No author stated ($60.00)
Fore! The Best of Wodehouse on Golf, by Wodehouse, P.G. ($5.00)
Forgotten Heroes: Inspiring American Portraits From Our Leading Historians, by Ware, Susan, Editor ($15.00)
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, by Mander, Jerry ($5.00)
Frauds, Deceptions and Swindles, by Sifakis, Carl ($15.00)
Frederic Ozanam: A Life In Letters, by Ozanam, Frederic (Joseph I. Dirvin, C.M., Translator) ($12.00)
Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.: Founder of Landscape Architecture in America, by Fabos, Julius Gy., Gordon T. Milde, and V. Michael Weinmayr ($35.00)
Friends In High Places The Bechtel Story: The Most Secret Corporation and How It Engineered the World, by McCartney, Laton ($9.00)
From Writer to Reader: Studies in editorial method [Textual Bibliography], by Gaskell, Philip ($30.00)
Fugitive Leaves from Foreign Notes: Paris, Versailles, St. Denis, Fontainebleu, by [Chaney, Ida Sherratt] ($125.00)
Fundamentals of Data Structures (Computer Software Engineering Series), by Horowitz, Ellis and Sartaj Sahni ($12.00)
Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, by Kosko, Bart ($8.00)
Genetics for Dog Breeders, by Hutt, Frederick B. ($40.00)
Genetics of the Dog: The Basis of Successful Breeding, by Burns, Marca and Margaret N. Fraser ($30.00)
Genetics of the Horse, by Jones, William E. (DVM, Ph.D.) and Ralph Bogart (Ph.D) ($25.00)
Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman, by Gleick, James ($10.00)
German Names For German Dogs, by Dapper, Gertrude ($30.00)
German-American Pioneers in Wisconsin and Michigan: The Frank-Kerler Letters, 1849-1864, by Frank, Dr. Louis F. translated by Margaret Wolff ($25.00)
Germania Kalender 1902, by No author stated ($25.00)
Geschichte der christlichen Kirche. Dr. Martin Luthers Leben und Das Leben von Huldreich Zingli und Johann Calvin, by No author stated ($12.00)
Geschichte der Katholischen Kirche in Wisconsin, by Haug, Johann ($75.00)
Geschichten und Märchen für Anfänger, by Foster, Lillian and Wooley, Elmer ($12.00)
Ghost River (Evans Novel of the West series), by Washburn, L.J. ($6.00)
Golden Bells in Convent Towers: The Story of Father Samuel and Saint Clara 1854-1904 [Dominican Convent, Sinsinawa, WI], by No author stated ($30.00)
Goldkörner. Erzählungen für Jung und Alt - IV Band, by von Kronoff, Frida ($6.00)
Golf Etiquette, by Puett, Barbara and Jim Apfelbaum ($12.00)
Good As Gold: A History of Banking in Wisconsin, by Kelley, Tim ($40.00)
Good-Bye Clutter: Organize and Simplify Every Room in Your Home, by Wright, Susan ($10.00)
Gorbachev: The Path To Power, by Schmidt-Hauer, Christian ($6.00)
Grammar in Plain English -- Second Edition, by Diamond, Harriet and Phyllis Dutwin ($6.00)
Grassroots -- Lake Geneva: An Illustrated History of the Geneva Lake Area (The Centennial Book), by Fogle, Phil ($250.00)
Greater Milwaukee's Growing Pains, 1950-2000: An Insider's View, by Cutler, Richard W. ($25.00)
Greendale Remembers: The Story of the Village in the Voices of Its People [Wisconsin], by No author stated ($40.00)
Großmamas Plagegeister, by Hilden, Anna ($80.00)
Growing and Using Herbs Successfully, by Jacobs, Betty E.M. ($6.00)
Guide to Historic Preservation, Historical Agencies, and Museum Practices: A Selective Bibliography Guide to Historic Preservations, Historical Agencies, and Museum Practices: A Selective Bibliography, by Rath, Frederick L. Jr. and Merrilyn Rogers O'Connell ($12.00)
Hanna - U.S. Senator Mark Hanna of Ohio, by Beer, Thomas ($12.00)
Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America, by Nelson, Richard ($12.00)
Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture, by Keno, Leigh and Leslie Keno with Joan Barzilay Freund ($12.00)
Hints for Beginners on Riding, by Hannay. A.C. ($30.00)
Hints on Household Taste: The Classic Handbook of Victorian Interior Decoration, by Eastlake, Charles L. ($16.00)
Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin [History of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin], by Forrester, George [Editor] ($150.00)
Historical Essays: Eastern Illinois University Bulletin Special Number May 1962, by Coleman, Charles H. PhD ($6.00)
Historical Messenger of the Milwaukee County Historical Society, September 1966, Vol 22, No. 3, by Various ($12.00)
Historical Messenger of the Milwaukee County Historical Society, September 1968, Vol 24, No. 3, by Various ($12.00)
History of Methodism in Wisconsin In Four Parts, by Bennett, Rev. P.S. and Rev. James Lawson ($60.00)
History of Milwaukee City and County (3 Volumes), by Bruce, William George (Editor) ($325.00)
History of Milwaukee Wisconsin, in 4 Volumes, by Gregory, John G. ($300.00)
History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from pre-historic times to the present date,..., by Andreas, A.T. [Editor/Publisher] ($500.00)
History of Rural Schools of Rusk County, Wisconsin, by Replinger, Jean Sanford [Editor] ($25.00)
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Horses: Their Selection, Care and Handling, by Self, Margaret Cabell ($5.00)
How Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics, by Byers, William ($30.00)
How to Paint with Natural Earths & Sands, by Hess, La Rena ($6.00)
How to Select and Manage Consultants: A Guide to Getting What You Pay For, by Shenson, Howard L. ($15.00)
How to Show Your Own Dog, by Nichols, Virginia ($7.00)
How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, by Holtz, Herman ($5.00)
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I Married Adventure: The Lives and Adventures of Martin and Osa Johnson, by Johnson, Osa ($20.00)
I Won't Wait Up Tonight: What to do to take care of yourself when you're living with an alcoholic or an addict, by Williams, Terence ($9.00)
Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole, by Nielsen, Dr. Jerri with Maryane Vollers ($12.00)
Identity and Anxiety: Survival of the Person in Mass Society, by Stein, Maurice R., Arthur J. Vidich and David Manning White [Editors] ($10.00)
Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself from an Unprotected World, by Pope, Ethan ($6.00)
Illustrated Discussion of the Miniature Schnauzer Standard, by American Miniature Schnauzer Club ($15.00)
Images of America: Wauwatosa, by Wauwatosa Historical Society ($20.00)
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In Unnamed Wisconsin: Studies in the history of the region between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi 1634-1836, by Davisdon, J.N., A.M. ($80.00)
Index to Children's Poetry: A Title, Subject, Author, and First Line Index to Poetry in Collections for Children and Youth, by Brewton, John E. and Sara W. [Compilers] ($5.00)
Indianapolis Architecture, by Ball, Rick A. et al ($20.00)
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Inside Iraq: The History, The People, and the Modern Conflicts of the World's Least Understood Land, by Miller, John and Aaron Kenedi, Eds. Introduction by David Rose ($6.00)
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Into the Amazon: Chico Mendes and the Struggle for the Rain Forest, by Dwyer, Augusta ($12.00)
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Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith, by Spencer, Robert ($8.00)
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Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman, by Morris, John ($18.00)
Jacob's Journey: Wisdom to Find the Way, Strength to Carry On, by benShea, Noah ($5.00)
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Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters (with jacket), by Barly, Joseph A. ($85.00)
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Leading Events of Wisconsin History: The Story of the State, by Legler, Henry ($25.00)
Learn to Remember: Practical Techniques and Exercises to Improve Your Memory, by O'Brien, Dominic ($15.00)
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Living With History: A guide to the preservation standards for historcally designated houses in Milwaukee, by Jakubovich, Paul ($30.00)
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Magic With Everyday Objects: Over 150 Tricks Anyone Can Do At the Dinner Table, by Schindler, George ($12.00)
Mai-Andacht, das ist: Die Verehrung der allerseligsten Himmels-Königin und jungfräulichen Mutter Maria im Maimonate, für Kirche und Haus eingerichtet herausgegeben von einem katholischen Priester mit Erlaubniß geistlicher Obrigkeit, by a Catholic priest ($8.00)
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Making the Corps:, by Ricks, Thomas ($6.00)
Managing the Hidden Organization, by Deal, Terrence E. and William A. Jenkins ($5.00)
Managing Today's Radio Station, by Hoffer, Jay ($15.00)
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Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How to Master Everyday Math Problems in Seconds, by Flansburg, Scott with Victoria Hay, Ph.D. ($6.00)
Math Stuff, by Pappas, Theoni ($9.00)
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Mathematics and Common Sense: A Case of Creative Tension, by Davis, Philip J. ($35.00)
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Meisen Breeding Manual, by Meisenzahl, Hilda ($50.00)
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Milwaukee: The History of a City (1965), by Still, Bayrd ($70.00)
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Modern Ark: The Story of Zoos: Past, Present, and Future, by Croke, Vicki ($12.00)
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Museum Registration Methods, by Dudley, Dorothy H. and Irma Bezold Wilkinson ($25.00)
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My Life, by Clinton, Bill ($10.00)
My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor, by Guinness, Alec ($8.00)
My Search for Patty Hearst, by Weed, Steven with Scott Swanton ($18.00)
Native American Communities in Wisconsin 1600-1960: a Study of Tradition and Change, by Bieder, Robert E. ($20.00)
Native Tongues, by Berlitz, Charles ($5.00)
Neural and Concurrent Real-Time Systems: The Sixth Generation, by Soucek, Branko ($20.00)
Never Cry Wolf, by Mowat, Farley ($6.00)
New American Dictionary of the English and German Languages, by Morwitz, Dr. E and a number of specialists ($70.00)
New Offices, by Montes, Cristina [Editor] ($45.00)
New Worlds in Old Books, by Rostenberg, Leona and Madeline Stern ($20.00)
Nicholas and Alexandra, by Massie, Robert K. ($5.00)
Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative, by Broker, Ignatia ($10.00)
No Bed of Roses, by Fontaine, Joan ($12.00)
No More Myths: True Facts About Pet Care, by Schwartz, Stefanie DVM ($5.99)
Norddeutsch Lloyd, Bremen Passagierliste des Doppelschrauben-Postdampfers "Großer Kurfürst" am 14. Oktober 1911, by No author stated ($22.00)
Nuts! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, by Freiberg, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg ($12.00)
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Of Moths and Men: An Evolutionary Tale, by Hooper, Judith ($12.00)
Official Map of the City of Milwaukee Baptist Young People's Union of America Sixth Annual Convention 1896 Presented with the compliments of The Estey Organ Co., The Esty Piano Co., by No author stated ($50.00)
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Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery, by Mailer, Norman ($6.00)
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Patrick Cox: Wit, Irony, and Footwear, by Doe, Tamasin ($7.00)
Peppers Hot & Sweet: Over 100 Recipes for All Tastes, by Dooley, Beth ($12.00)
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Places of Worship Milwaukee, by Young, Mary Ellen and Wayne Attoe ($18.00)
Plan of Chicago: Prepared Under the Direction Of the Commercial Club During the Years MCMVI, MCMVII, and MCMVIII (facsimile reprint, Da Capo Press Series in Architecture and Decorative Art, Volume 29), by Burnham, Daniel H. and Edward H. Bennett ($180.00)
Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed, by Cornwell, Patricia ($6.00)
Postcard 1918 Nativity Scene, by ($5.00)
Power To The People: An American State At Work [Wisconsin] [SIGNED/INSCRIBED], by Thompson, Tommy G. (Governor of Wisconsin) ($20.00)
Powered By Our Past: 150 years of marshall & Ilsley Bank 1847 - 1997, by Langill, Ellen ($15.00)
Practical Light Horse Breeding, by Wall, John F. ($9.00)
Practical Light Horse Breeding, by Wall, John F. ($15.00)
Practice to Deceive: The Amazing Stories of Literary Forgery's Most Notorious Practitioners, by Rosenblum, Joseph ($20.00)
Prairie du Chien: French British American, by Scanlan, Peter Lawrence M.D. ($40.00)
Praktische Grammatiken der Hauptsprachen Deutsch-Südwestafrikas des Nama des Otyiherero und des Oshindonga, by Seidel, A. ($50.00)
Praktisches Kochbuch für die Deutschen in Amerika, by Davidis, Henriette ($25.00)
Presence Of the Past: A History of the Preservation Movement in the United States before Williamsburg, by Hosmer, Charles B., Jr. ($20.00)
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Preserving Birds for Study: Fieldiana: Technique Number 7, by Blake, Emmet R. ($12.00)
Preserving Historic America, by Weaver, Robert C. ($10.00)
Prime Times Bad Times, by Joyce, Ed ($8.00)
Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use (Vol 1 and 2), by Updike, Daniel Berkeley ($50.00)
Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Miami Beach Florida, December, 1979, by Milne, F.J. [Editor] ($25.00)
Prof. Beery's Saddle Horse Instructions, Book 1-5 (complete set), by Beery, Prof. Jesse ($25.00)
Psychosomatics: How your emotions can damage your health, by Lewis, Howard R and Martha E. ($10.00)
Quiet Neighbors: Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals In America, by Ryan, Allan Jr. ($10.00)
Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy, by Rabin, Leah ($9.00)
Raising & Feeding the Perfect Horse (John Lyons' The Making of A Perfect Horse series), by Lyons, John with Eleanor Kellon V.M.D. et al ($12.00)
Rare Words and Ways to Master Their Meanings: 500 Arcane But Useful Words for Language Lovers, by Leighton, Jan and Hallie Leighton ($12.00)
Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes, 1964-1965, by Beschloss, Michael ($10.00)
Real Life at the White House: Two Hundred Years of Daily Life at America's Most Famous Residence, by Whitcomb, John and Claire Whitcomb ($20.00)
Recipes: The Cooking of Scandinavia, by No author stated ($6.00)
Recollections: A Life In Bookbinding, by Middleton, Bernard C. ($25.00)
Recording Historic Buildings: The Historic American Buildings Survey, by McKee, Harley ($15.00)
Red Giants and White Dwarfs: New Edition, by Jastrow, Robert ($5.00)
Redwood Country: The Lava Region and the Redwoods, by Powers, Alfred ($10.00)
Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution, by Hammer, Michael and James Champy ($8.00)
Reminiscing Marietta Township [Crawford County, Wisconsin], by Zajicek, Mrs. Joe Sr. ($25.00)
Reproduction in the Dog, by Harrop, A.E. ($20.00)
Requiem: The Decline and Demise of Mayor Daley and His Era, by O'Connor, Len ($6.00)
Restful Sleep: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Insomnia, by Chopra, Deepak M.D. ($7.00)
Reversing Memory Loss: Proven mothods for regaining, strengthening, and preserving your memory, by Mark, Vernon H., M.D., F.A.C.S. with Jeffrey P. Mark, M.Sc. ($6.00)
Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls: Life Lessons Learned on the Back of a Horse, by Maier, Tom with Rebekah Ferran Witter ($15.00)
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Mondy -- That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!, by Kiyosaki, Robert T. with Sharon L. Lechter C.P.A. ($12.00)
Richard Carvel, by Churchill, Winston ($15.00)
Riding and Hunting, New and Revised Edition, by Hayes, M.H. (Captain) ($20.00)
Riding and Training (1946 Standard Printing Co edition), by Farshler, Earl R. ($20.00)
Riding and Training (1975 ARCO edition), by Farshler, Earl R. ($15.00)
Riding Logic, by Museler, W. ($12.00)
Riding Recollections and Turf Stories, by Custance, Henry ($25.00)
Riding: A Manual of Horsemanship for Beginners, by Boniface, Colonel J. J. (Retired) United States Cavalry ($5.00)
Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences, by Geisler, Norman L. and Ralph E. MacKenzie ($20.00)
Running Waters, by Proper, Datus ($12.00)
Sacred Geography: A Tale of Murder and Archeology In the Holy Land, by Fox, Edward ($5.00)
Sacred Geometry, by Lundy, Miranda ($8.00)
Saddle Seat Equitation, by Crabtree, Helen K. ($20.00)
Saddlery: Modern Equipment for Horse and Stable, by Edwards, E. Hartley ($8.00)
Sarge: The Life and Times of Sargent Shriver, by Stossel, Scott ($15.00)
Scenes of the Plateau Lands and How They Came to Be, by Stokes, Wm. Lee ($4.00)
Secret Truths: A Young Adult's Guide For Creating Peace, by Essene, Virginia ($5.00)
Servomechanism Analysis (McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series), by Thaler, George J. and Robert G. Brown ($15.00)
Servomechanism Practice (McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series), by Ahrendt, W.R. and C.J. Savant, Jr. Ph.D. ($15.00)
Sex and Marriage, by Lambert, Richard J. Ph.G., M.D. ($10.00)
Show Jumper, by Williams, Dorian ($12.00)
Show Jumping: Officers' Hobby Into International Sport, by Macgregor-Morris, Pamela ($9.00)
Show Ring Success: A Rider's Guide to Winning Strategies, by Obenland, Kathleen ($15.00)
Signs of Life: The Language and Meanings of DNA, by Pollack, Robert ($9.00)
Silent Coup: The Removal of a President, by Colodny, Len and Robert Gettlin ($10.00)
Silent Spring, by Carson, Rachel ($10.00)
Sing!, by American Camping Association ($10.00)
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief, by Wolpert, Lewis ($12.00)
Skeptical Linguistic Essays, by Postal, Paul M. ($25.00)
Skilled Horsemanship, by Goldschmidt, Lt.-Col. Sidney G. ($15.00)
Sky Diving in 8 Days, by Clark, Miles ($15.00)
Slim's Table: Race, Respectability, and Masculinity, by Duneier, Mitchell ($8.00)
Small Town Wisconsin [Wautoma], by Gruhlke, Verna King ($15.00)
Something For Nothing: Luck in America, by Lears, Jackson ($10.00)
Souvenir Kenosha County Court House and Bits of Yesterday -- Foundations of Today, by No author stated ($25.00)
Souvenir Program and Centennial History Beaver Dam, Wisconsin July 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 1941, by Various ($60.00)
Special Report on Diseases of the Horse (United States Department of Agriculture), by Pearson, Huidekoper, Michener et al ($10.00)
Spells: Spellcraft to bring magic to your life and reality to your desires, by Green, Matthew ($9.00)
Sport First Aid, Updated Eidtion, by Flegel, Melinda J. ($9.00)
Sports Illustratred Book of Gaited Riding, by Editors of Sports Illustrated ($25.00)
Stanley: Our Town 1881-1981 [Stanley, WI], by Stanley Area Historical Society of Stanley, Wisconsin ($25.00)
Starting and Operating a Business in Illinois: A Step-by-Step Guide, by Jenkins, Michael D. ($5.00)
Steel-engraved book illustration in England, by Hunnisett, Basil ($60.00)
Steeplechasing in America 1976, by Cooper, John E. [Editor] ($10.00)
Stories from Ancient Canaan, by Coogan, Michael David, Editor and Translator ($15.00)
Successful Thoroughbred Investment: In A Changing Market, by Lohman, Jack and Arnold Kirkpatrick ($10.00)
Sun Dancing: A Vision of Medieval Ireland, by Moorhouse, Geoffrey ($7.00)
Sunday Zebras, by Holst, Art ($25.00)
Superstrings and the Search for The Theory of Everything, by Peat, F. David ($5.00)
System 1800 - Model B, Operation Manual, Version 2.0, by ($20.00)
Systems Programming (McGraw-Hill Computer Science Series), by Donovan, John J. ($10.00)
Tales of Old Chilton, by Smith, Lil [Editor] ($40.00)
That's Not In My Science Book: A Compilation of Little-Known Facts, by Kelly, Kate ($10.00)
The African Dimension in Latin American Societies, by Knight, Franklin W. ($20.00)
The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence, by Kurzweil, Ray ($9.00)
The American Frontier [Revised Edition], by Cummins, D. Duane and William Gee White ($6.00)
The American Quarter Horse, by Widmer, Jack ($6.00)
The American Thoroughbred, by Trevathan, Charles E. ($150.00)
The Anatomy and Action of the Horse by an artist, by Luard, Lowes D. ($30.00)
The Anatomy of An Horse: A Faithful Reproduction of the 1683 Edition With Commentary by David W. Ramey, D.V.M., by Snape, Andrew ($15.00)
The Annotated Dracula, by Stoker, Bram ($12.00)
The Arrow of Time: A Voyage Through Science to Solve Time's Greatest Mystery, by Coveney, Peter and Roger Highfield ($15.00)
The Art of Conversation, by Burke, Peter ($18.00)
The Art of Stretching and Kicking, by Lew, James ($7.00)
The Art of the Horse: Reflections of the Past, Magazine Covers and Illustrations, Picture Postcards, Advertising Illustrations, by Evans, Justin B. ($18.00)
The Articles of Faith and Covenant of the Evangelical Church, Sherburne [Massachusetts]: With a List of the Members, by No author stated ($25.00)
The Australian Shepherd, An Owners Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet, by Palika, Liz ($5.00)
The Aviator, by Gann, Ernest K. ($3.00)
The Aviator's Guide to Modern Navigation, by Clausing, Donald J. ($12.00)
The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z, by Binswanger, Harry (Editor) ($35.00)
The Beak Of The Finch: A Story Of Evolution In Our Time, by Weiner, Johathan ($15.00)
The Best Seller, by Ley, D. Forbes MBA ($12.00)
The Bible of the Religion of Science, by Brown, H. S. MD ($65.00)
The Bicentennial Beef Cookbook: The 100 Greatest Beef Dishes of America's First 200 Years, by none stated ($6.00)
The Big Store: Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears, by Katz, Donald R. ($10.00)
The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession, by Obmascik, Mark ($5.00)
The Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin, by Cory, Charles B. ($40.00)
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Taleb, Nassim Nicholas ($17.00)
The Book of Dried Flowers: A complete guide to growing, drying and arranging, by Hillier, Malcolm and Colin Hilton ($10.00)
The Book: The Story of Printing & Bookmaking Illustrated, by McMurtrie, Douglas C. ($35.00)
The Bronx Zoo, by Lyle, Sparky and Petr Golenbock ($25.00)
The Bullwhip Book, by Conway, Andrew ($25.00)
The Cedarburg Cookbook: Recipes and Traditions of a Celebrated American City, by Hepburn, Patti ($12.00)
The Chinese Shar Pei Today, by Cunliffe, Juliette ($10.00)
The Cluetrain Manifesto, by Levine, Rick, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and Devid Weinberger ($10.00)
The Columbia Way: Columbia Hostpital 100 years of Excellence 1909-2009, by Langill, Ellen D. ($50.00)
The Complete Book of Color, by Chiazzari, Suzy ($10.00)
The Complete Guide to Horsemanship, by Brander, Michael ($8.00)
The Complete Poodle Clipping and Grooming Book, by Kalstone, Shirlee ($16.00)
The Complete Tutankhamun: The King * The Tomb * The Royal Treasure, by Reeves, Nicholas ($15.00)
The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey, by Hayes, Harold T. P. ($12.00)
The Deming Route to Quality and productivity: Road Maps and Roadblocks, by Scherkenbach, William W. ($12.00)
The Design of Digital Systems, by Peatman, John B. ($10.00)
The Devil's Labyrinth: Encounters with the Arctic, by Johnson, Clive ($9.99)
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