Social Sciences

Books offered in the Social Sciences category.

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Bachelor Girl: The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century, by Israel, Betsy ($10.00)

Culture of Honor: The psychology of violence in the South, by Nisbett, Richard E. and Dov Cohen ($24.00)

Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century, by Hardison, O.B. Jr. ($10.00)

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, by Mander, Jerry ($5.00)

Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision, by Irons, Peter ($15.00)

Julian Steward and the Great Basin: The Making of an Anthropologist, by Clemmer, O. Richard, L. Daniel Myers, and Mary Elizabeth Rudden, Editors ($20.00)

Slim's Table: Race, Respectability, and Masculinity, by Duneier, Mitchell ($8.00)

Something For Nothing: Luck in America, by Lears, Jackson ($10.00)

The African Dimension in Latin American Societies, by Knight, Franklin W. ($20.00)

The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From the Religious Right (ARC), by Lerner, Michael ($8.00)

The Three Faces of Revolution (SIGNED), by Schwarz, Dr. Fred ($20.00)

The Tree of Culture, by Linton, Ralph ($12.00)

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society, by Lynch, Aaron ($12.00)